Bleadon Road and Bridge Road Closures Starting 08 Jan 2024

Posted on 8th January, 2024



Bleadon Road and Bridge Road Closed -  'trial' one way diversion up Celtic Way


Bleadon Road will be closed from 08 Jan 24 -28 Jan 24 (Notice of Intent)


Bridge Road will be closed from 08 Jan 24 - 04 Mar 24 (Notice of Intent)


Updated road closures at (Search for Bleadon)


UPDATE 15JAN24 The road closure presentation was well attended, 80-100 people. Presentation here.


UPDATE 09JAN24 Following last night's council meeting (Min 373.9.2BPC call a residents meeting 15 January 2024 at the Bleadon Youth Club at 7pm



- school pickup/drop off, serious danger of children crossing the road

- we can discuss issues but will NSC listen?

- passing vehicles on narrow road, some maneuvers requiring large vehicles reversing up/down hill (collision concerns)

- traffic causing extra pedestrian issues as no footpath

- traffic signs at Queens Arms/Celtic Way/Shiplate Road junction forcing cars out into the middle of road in both directions (collision concerns)

- Celtic Way and Bleadon Hill grass verges being churned up

- potential damage to people's property at the edges of the narrow road

- Traffic speeding through Bleadon Hill and Celtic Way

- loss of businesses (incl Bridge Road, Jeff Brown petrol stations/shop services, Brent Farm) - clarity of one way needed

- timescales needed to be confirmed

- mid winter snow and dangerous icy conditions (slipping and gritting issues)

- there are weight restrictions, how can large vehicles go over the hill via Celtic Way and Totterdown Lane?

- traffic problems exaserbated by current road closures on Roman Road and Celtic Way

- increased traffic through the lanes in/out via Shiplate Road (incl from Cheddar/Axbridge direction up/down Celtic Way) 


BOB received an email from a resident regarding the road closure and diversion up Celtic Way.

North Somerset Council states that it has "... carefully considered all alternatives and a one way system is to be trialled. Once the works are in progress we will continue to work with the developer to monitor how the traffic Management is working and will make adjustments if required."

As this is a trial residents should make any concerns known to North Somerset Council as soon as possible.


Temporary lights were installed in 2015 as indicated in BPC's newsletter at the time (BVN101, page 8).


The reasoning against installing traffic lights this time is described in BPC's 08 January Agenda (Min 373.9.2):





"2. Closure of Bridge Road


2.1 The works at the quarry necessitate the closure of Bridge Road for an extended period of time from 8th January 2024. The Parish Council was consulted about these requirements and indicated its expectation that temporary traffic lights would be installed at the Bleadon Road junction to enable traffic to safely enter and leave the village. The Council’s position was supported by Edenstone who included this requirement in the scheme submitted to North Somerset Council. The subsequent determination by North Somerset Council was that a more appropriate solution was to allow for access only through the Bleadon Road junction from the A370 and, as a consequence, to expect all traffic exiting the village areas to do so via Celtic Way.


2.2 It is evident that there has been a considerable amount of work to co-ordinate the required utilities work and minimise the requirements for further closures of Bridge Road. However, the use of Celtic Way – including for construction traffic – is considered inappropriate. There has been a significant amount of correspondence prior to and over the Christmas and New Year period to try and seek a better outcome than the one agreed by North Somerset Council. A number of Councillors have also met with representatives of Edesntone – who continue to support the Parish Council’s position. The two Ward Councillors have also been fully engaged and have registered their concerns regarding the appropriateness of the diversion. 2.3 A further update will be provided at the meeting"


This road closure is published on NSC website at (Search for Bleadon)






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