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Bleadon Public Rights Of Way

(click number to view BOBmap if available, also see related links below and BPC related Minutes)


1AX31/08Roman Rd / Hillside Rd Bleadon HillHay WoodOldmixon
2AX31/2aWalborough Reserve Uphill EndBleadon LevelsUphill Marina
3AX6/01Toll Rd A370Bleadon LevelsWalborough Rerserve Uphill
4AX6/04Walborough LakesWayacre Drove & Bleadon LevelsAccommodation Road Summerways Bridge
5AX6/05Walborough Reserve Uphill EndBleadon Levels nr Water Treatment WorksAccommodation Road Old Wall
6AX6/07Purn LanePurn HillPurn House Farm
7AX6/08Purn HillPurn HillPurn House Bleadon Road

The Woodhouse Roman Road Bleadon Hill (Pic 1)

The Dring (Pic 2, 3, 4, 5)

Celtic Way (Pic 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Allotments (Pic 13)

Purn Way Croquet Club
9AX6/11Allotment Lane (Pic 1) Purn Way Westdown Cottage (Pic 2)
10AX6/12Purn Way Westdown Cottage (Pic 1)

Peartree Gardens (Pic 2, 3, 4)

South Hill (Farm)

Shiplate Farm

Mearcombe Lane Shiplate
11AX6/14Accommodation RdRiver AxeSouth Hill Farm
12AX6/15Bleadon MillSouth HillWonderstone
13AX6/16Bleadon MillSouth HillThe Veale/Hellenge
14AX6/18Mearcombe LaneHillfield Farm & Shiplate SlateChriston Plantation Shiplate Slait
15AX6/19Beechfield Shiplate RoadAvon Wildlife Trust Hellenge HillHighbanks Roman Road
16AX6/20Roman Rd Layby Bleadon HillGolf ClubHutton Wood
17AX6/21Hellenge Gate nr Spindlewood House Shiplate RdHellenge HillBridle Way Roman Road Bleadon Hill
18AX6/22Hilltop House Shiplate RoadHellenge HillHellenge Hill
19AX6/23Southerlands Wonderstone Shiplate RdHellenge HillHellenge Hill
20AX6/25Roman Rd Canada Coombe Junction Christon Plantation Shiplate Slait


Volunteers wanted for BROW - If you have the time and energy to help maintain and improve Bleadon's footpaths and bridleways (please contact Parish Council Clerk or see Purn Hill & Hellenge Hill for helping on these Wildlife Trust reserves. NB: The Highway Authority (North Somerset Council) and/or the relevant landowner has statutory and legal responsibility for this work (see links below).


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Rights & Responsibilities
Institute of PROWSomerset County Maintenance & Enforcement PolicyBROW BVN94-2012, BVN102-2015, BVN103-2016 and BVN104-2016
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Footpath Orders in Bleadon

South Hill & FarmLake FarmPurn House FarmSouth Hill & Quarry
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