Bleadon Wildlife being evicted

Posted on 21st September, 2016

UPDATE 24 MAY 20 - This Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI) now seems to be a private fishing pond, seemingly due to a lack of protection by Bleadon Parish Council and North Somerset Council? 


"Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI) is a designation given to sites that have substantive local nature conservation and geological value ... SNCIs tend to be selected because of particular wildlife habitats or if they support scarce or rare species outside their natural habitats. They can be natural sites or man-made."


New gravel path (May 20)Private Fishing PondAllocated Fishing Peg

Original Site of Nature

Conservation Interest (SNCI)


New OS Aerial Mapping

New pond &

unofficial walking route

New OS Mapping

New pond &


walking route



UPDATE 23 OCT 17 - BPC and NSC have still not explained how this Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI) has apparently been destroyed and become a 'balancing pond' for current and expanded use at Rivermead Caravan site?


The collated correspondence on this site from September 2016, but not yet answered, can be seen here.


SNCI Before balancing pond

Aug 16

During Pond Construction & connection to River Axe

Nov 16

Afterwards/Now Oct 17

Googlemap of Purn Caravan SNCI Aug 16


Link to Purn caravan construction of pond


Balancing Pond Photo submitted to application by Developer

Link to NSC Purn Caravan SNCI

Pond to River Axe Construction Nov 16

Link to NSC Purn Caravan SNCI






CAS-1266604-5L2Z - Purn Holiday Park


Bleadon Parish Council have raised concerns with North Somerset Council (NSC) over significant earth moving works on land adjacent and South-East of the Purn Holiday Park, which has greatly affected the wildlife area alongside the River Axe footpath and particularly the ancient river port section (see comments section below).


It has been reported to NSC with a case reference of 2016/0424. So if you also have any further information on this issue, or indeed have other concerns, then you can also inform NSC via


Landworks at Purn Holiday Park 'expansion' affecting River Axe footpath

and ancient 'Ad Axium' Roman port/withy beds

River AxeRiver Axe and new pondRiver Axe inlet to new pond
Land work


Also see this report by BLERT (Bleadon and Lympsham Environs Research Team) published in 2005 that amongst other interesting items, mentions this River Axe area of interest.


Bleadon and Lympsham Environs Research Team Report

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Comments (2)

From: Bleadon BOB Community Website <>
Sent: 18 November 2016 17:51
To: NSC Officers
Cc: NSC Officers, Cllr Chinn
Subject: Fw: CAS-1266604-5L2Z - Purn Holiday Park

Dear NSC,

Following a visit to see Ad Axium (the old Roman Port) and the Withy Beds (all now lost), I wonder whether there has been any progress/update as the reference (2016/0424) I was given seems not to be on the enforcement weblink...above
I have attached some photos taken on Monday 14 November, that suggests landfill disposal may also occur. There is perhaps also some intended holiday park expansion as the rhyne has been culverted, and land leveled for surfacing, in addition to the waterside excavations and River Axe bank modifications along the public footpath.
It's almost impossble to walk along the Axe from Bridge Garage to the
caravan park because the farmer has ploughed right to the edge of the
field, instead of leaving room for the fotpath. It is already very
uneven to walk on, but if there is rain, it would quickly become muddy.

Also, the caravan park have got a trench leading from their new pond to
the river. I can see why its there, but it culd really do with a small
foot bridge to avoid interrupting the path. OK so you can walk around
the pond, but that isn't great for the privacy of the campers now they
have opened up the river view and put pods in that feld.