Vaccine Damage Bill

Posted on 14th September, 2021


Sir Christopher Chope MP, "There is a lot more damage being done to our citizens as a result of covid-19 [experimental] vaccinations than in any other vaccination programme in history."

Second Reading  of the COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Bill, 10 September 2021


NB: Vaccine Trial End Dates

PfizerAstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson end 2023, Moderna ends 2022

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Sir Christopher Chope MP, ."..  the Act makes provision of a maximum payment of £120,000 together with a threshold of 60% disablement. As a result, fewer than 2% of applications are successful. My Bill calls for the Government to set up a judge-led inquiry into the issues raised.


Sir Christopher Chope MP, "...Our hospitals have a large number of in-patients who are there only because they took the vaccine. It is causing a lot of angst for consultants across the country.That is why the Government should say now that they are going to look at these issues off their own bat without being required to by Parliament, and that they will carry out a review, which could also include assessing costs and benefits.


... "There is some doubt as to who the relevant Minister is. When I put down questions on this subject, I am told that it is the responsibility of the Department for Work and Pensions to deal with the vaccine damage Act. From that Department I have received information about the number of applications that have been made up until the middle of July. Up until 23 June, there had been 154 applications—obviously, there are many, many more now


Sir Christopher Chope MP, ... "Obviously we know that, even if people are vaccinated, it does not mean that they are immune from covid-19, and it certainly does not mean that they are incapable of transmitting it to somebody else"


... "To go back to the hon. Gentleman’s challenge, he seems to be suggesting that those hapless families—10,000 of them, or maybe more—who have suffered real, serious damage as a result of doing the right thing should be left hanging around for years wondering whether they will be eligible for any compensation. That is totally the wrong message. The Government should be sending the message that, “If you do the right thing, you will be looked after by the Government if something goes wrong.”


Sir Christopher Chope MP, ... "We cannot ignore the fact that there is fear out there about vaccination. We cannot suppress reports of coroners saying that somebody has died as a result of having a vaccination. I know from my own personal knowledge of people who have suffered—people who were in really good health and then had their first vaccine. I know of one person in particular who then had a stroke and was in hospital for some time with that, and then had severe heart problems and even had to be referred to Harefield Hospital. Those are not just anecdotes; those are facts known by people across the country.


... "This Bill addresses a very hot topic and I am not sure that we will be able to do it justice in 23 minutes. I start with the proposition that those of us who have been double jabbed with a vaccine against covid-19 must count our blessings if we have not suffered any adverse consequences ..."


Shaun Bailey (West Bromwich West) (Con) ... "How do we ensure that,

  • on the one hand, people who suffer severe disablement as a result of the vaccines get that support and payment,
  • but on the other hand, we do not create a culture of hesitancy where people do not uptake vaccines
  • or, equally, do not produce vaccines because of the fear that they might cause mass severe side effects?


..."If we are trying to build vaccine confidence, we need to ensure that we are open with the public about the facts. That is why I was very disappointed when I asked the Secretary of State on 7 July. “what information his Department holds on the number of deaths that have been reported of people who have died within (a) one month, (b) two months and (c) three months of having received a covid-19 vaccination since 1 January” 

... the answer that we received from the Minister. He said: “Data on the number of deaths reported of people who have died within one, two and three months of having received a COVID-19 vaccination since 1 January 2021 is not available in the format requested. Public Health England (PHE) monitors the number of people who have been admitted to hospital and died from COVID-19 who have received one or two doses of the vaccine and will publish this data in due course.” That data has not yet been published.

Sir Christopher Chope,... "Unfortunately, I know that the Minister will not have much time, if any, in which to expand on this issue today. I hope that he will be willing to arrange for me to be able to come along with one or two colleagues to talk to Ministers about this very important issues."


Sir Christopher Chope MP,...  "I am saying that it [COVID-19[ was added to the scheme [Vaccine Damage Payment], but, to all intents and purposes, it was just a gesture. In the substance of it, people have now started applying under the Act for compensation and none of those cases has been dealt with."


Sir Christopherr Chope MP,...  "No decisions have been made in any of those cases. No decisions have been made in any of those cases. There is now a worrying Government response to a petition that reflects what is in my Bill, calling for reform to the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 “to improve support for those harmed by covid-19 vaccines”.The petition says: “Reforming the VDPA will maintain vaccine confidence and provide urgent support for those injured/bereaved through covid-19 vaccination.” 


What did the Department say in response to the petition?.“... it is important to have an established evidence base around causational links between the vaccine and potential side effects. Not doing so risks claims being declined in error based on a lack of evidence, disadvantaging applicants.” However, we already have a lot of evidence that people have suffered damage, if not death, as a result of these vaccinations"

[Department's response continued]... “More widely, the Government is currently looking at how it can improve the operational aspects of the VDPS to better meet the additional demand created by the inclusion of the COVID-19 vaccine and improve the customer experience. Once more is known about the possible links between the vaccine and potential side effects, it will be considered whether a wider review of the VDPS is needed.”

Sir Christopher Chope MP, "The Government may not be too keen to promote that information, but failing to do that is actually counterproductive. ... If somebody comes to my surgery and says that they are nervous about having a vaccine for themselves or their children, I cannot say, “Well, don’t worry. If, in the most unlikely event, something goes wrong, you’ll be fully recompensed.” I cannot say that to them, but if I could, they might be more likely to take the risk. That is the issue." (Hansard Transcript and PDF)



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