Class Action Lawsuits

Posted on 28th May, 2021


Video Update from Reiner Fuelmich regarding world wide class action lawsuits.

James Delingpole talks to German-American lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich about Nuremberg 2 and why those involved in the Coronavirus scare should be tried for crimes against humanity


Link to Delingpole Interview


Topics covered include:

  • A group of international lawyers formed the German Corona Investigative Committee in Berlin (2-300 lawyers worldwide) 
  • Class action lawsuit based on interviews with renowned professionals in many fields including virology, epidemiology, medicine, law, psychiatry, psychology, etc.
  • Three main questions to be legally addressed:
    • 1. How dangerous is the virus?
    • 2. How reliable is the PCR test (used to enforce lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing, vaccination, etc.)?
    • 3. How much damage do the anti-corona measures do (all aspects including effect on small and medium businesses)
  • PCR tests don't reveal anything about infection - also indicating anything over 24 cycles should not be used (Sir Patrick Vallance)
  • WHO uses PCR as gold standard for testing infection - that's why all countries are using this method
  • WHO declared "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" - NB:UK Public Health England still state COVID19 is still NOT a High Consequence Infectious Disease (22APR21 - Definition of HCID)
  • Gene therapy not a vaccine - emergency use athorisation conditional drug use approval
  • Anglo-American legal system - law of evidence and pre-trial evidence, class action
  • Stories originally seemed so incredible but now have evidence 
  • Agenda 21/30, Great Reset
  • Lack of mainstream media coverage, one sided propaganda and censorship
  • Discrediting of experts who speak out
  • Only 1% of vaccine adverse effects reported to VAERS (UK uses Yellow Card system)
  • NHS whistleblower stating 1K calls a week regarding reactions
  • No industry, GP, MP, etc. immunity from "intentional infliction of harm" or "malicious infliction of harm" directly or directly caused by COVID19 policy and associated medical interventions
  • Nuremburg Convention - based on informed consent
  • Population control
  • Unproven vaccination efficacy
    • ADE - Antibody Dependancy Enhancement
    • Thrombosis - blood clotting
    • Auto-immune responses
  • Danger of vaccines far outweigh the disease
  • Personal danger to those that speak out about the virus, pandemic, vaccines, etc.
  • Lack of public information about effective alternative treatments that would make vaccination unnecessary
  • German Lawyer house searched
  • No false PCR tests no infections
  • Hope for the future

28 MAY 2021

  • "Brain Gerrish of - the UK's long established atlernative to BBC propaganda - appeared on the Corona Ausschus to inform a German and international audience about the sustained attack on the British peole throughout the current Corona crisis by its government using techniques of applied behavioural psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming. In this wide ranging discussion, Brian makes it very clear that he and his team's research points to a mass genocide of people, and particularly the elderly in the UK"  (Blog including ful video)


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