UKC Brian Gerrish evidence at Stiftung Corona Ausschus

Posted on 3rd June, 2021


Brian Gerrish UK Column speaks to Corona Investigative Committee

(including Reiner Fuelmich regarding world wide class action lawsuits and crimes against humanity)


"Brain Gerrish of - the UK's long established atlernative to BBC propaganda - appeared on the Corona Ausschus to inform a German and international audience about the sustained attack on the British peole throughout the current Corona crisis by its government using techniques of applied behavioural psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming. In this wide ranging discussion, Brian makes it very clear that he and his team's research points to a mass genocide of people, and particularly the elderly in the UK" 


 (Full interview video - 1hr20min)


Brian Gerrish's testimony to Reiner Füllmich: Our oppressors are very frightened people

  • UK Govt Mindspace Document - Behaviour Science Psychology
  • Common Purpose, example
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • UK political research papers - Preparing for the next pandemic well before any pandemic - seeding of a coming pandemic
  • Adverse mental health issues - suicide, due to applied psychology
  • (Plandemic - PCR pandemic - calculated govt effort via fear)
  • Statistics show it's a normal flu year - no pandemic - govt twisting of facts
  • UK Hospital COVID wards empty, but govt sent 1000s elderly COVID sick people to care homes - tens or hundreds of thousand of elderly died unnecessarily
  • COVID figures are cumalative (never ending), flu statistics restarted each year
  • Focus on Faucci, Gates disappeared in media (Epstein relationship?)
  • Public looking in right direction so people guiding this pandemic need a distraction - Faucci, China, etc.
  • UK MHRA Yellow Card govt safety statistics - 859K adverse reactions, 1, 213 deaths
  • UK Govt state <10% of serious reactions were reported, minor reactions 2-4%
  • After UK Column & public brought statistics to public attention, MHRA added a new paragraph in the last week - states doesn't apply to COVID19 -
  • UKC challenged - UK govt launched iniative to improve patient safety, yet MHRA not investigating statistics for safety reasons
  • [No autopsies on COVID19 deaths registrations] Same in UK
  • UK relatives tried to follow up death, MHRA said was there an autopsy, no so end of investigation
  • 2yrs ago 2 signatures needed, during COVID only one needed, cancer recorded as COVID
  • UK NHS Board Member stating Genocide in the UK, also doctors and nurses
  • [Mandatory Child vaccination - access to schools, nudging children to be vaccinated through the holidays] 
  • Jeremy Hunt indicating children should be vaccinated, also teacher to encourage parents or log them as extremists - separation of children from parents
  • EU Collective book - a table of psychological attack on western nations, pychological demoralising attacks leading to chaos and collapse, as we see now, mirrored across the world undemocratic, hostile
  • Bill & Melinda Gates, CEPI, funded the UK laboratory to tell us vaccines are safe, without appropriate research
  • [Masks, social distancing, swabs, etc. all to make you all medically sick]
  • If you care for fellow humans, then aware that leaders prepared to kill off elderly and any age groups
  • When documents state 'If we save lives its worth 23million', NHS put value on peoples lives
  • Bidderman Chart of Coersion- non-physical forms of torture
  • Documents stating that, 'If a baby is born with COVID19 there should be no skin contact'
  • Power base, who is controlling the money?
  • UK Govt finding 800 billion out of nowhere, yet to date couldn't find any money, banks are silent, therefore they are happy
  • [If this is an agenda, killing middle class, medium and small businesses, as well as people]
  • Within UK govt discussed the destruction of small and medium sized businesses, if do not conform to new green agenda, then will be put out of business, can't then live, pay to eat, etc. Hidden under climate change.
  • Psychology based on fear and control
  • Prove govt is lying and using propaganda, also vaccines are dangers via adverse reactions
  • UK Column broadcasts helping people stay sane
  • [People under a spell - knowledge kills the illusion they have created]
  • Bell curve, different reactions to hypnotism - some can;t think for themselves, some can see the truth, put the correct info out, accellerating
  • UK govt contract for 1.6 billion to interface with media companies, BBC budget is 5 billion on its own i.e. propaganda machine, always check its information
  • [National television and radio similar in Germany]
  • Monetary power base in London and is fully working with the wider security services, fusion doctrine, intelligence agencies, acting together
  • Google and GCHQ working inside the NHS
  • [Something going off the rails right now]
  • Social media changing, professional analysis and reporting, expose what's going on
  • State things reasonable, quiety, measured way so as not to frighten people, don't cover all thing that we are watching until it can be proven, don't be too aggressive
  • End on a positive note - something in the last few months, professionals starting to aski the right questions
  • Rules for Radicals, techniques to overthrow government, ALWAYS MAKE THE ARGUEMENT PERSONAL, talk about people not an organisation or title, put their picture on the correspondence
  • [That is what we're doing, making it personal, we know it's an internationally conserted effort by some very evil people]
  • So far putting nations against nations, we have an exciting opportunity to come together again.


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