Child Vaccine Safety Concerns

Posted on 12th June, 2021


COVID-19 child vaccination: irresponsible, unethical and unnecessary

We must not repeat mistakes from history


09JUNE21 - HART Letter to MHRA and reply and followup. "No child should have to suffer in order to protect adults" Journal Appendix

Overview article: "... the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has not recommended COVID-19 vaccination for children and in Germany, the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) has stated that only children and adolescents with certain pre-existing health conditions should be vaccinated. Worryingly, the German government has ignored this advice and is pressing ahead with vaccines for children 12 and up regardless. According to the official government response to Dr Ros Jones’ petition on this matter, “the JCVI currently advises that children under 16 years of age, even if they are clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV), are at low risk of serious morbidity and mortality and given the absence of safety and efficacy data on COVID-19 vaccines, are not currently recommended for routine COVID-19 vaccination.” (PDF)


JCVI GOVT RESPONSE (04AUG21) - the statement above was removed?

[See also 089JUN21 Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd - Urgent preliminary report to MHRA:

  • "The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans" (PDF)]

GOVT PETITION - Do not vaccinate children against COVID-19 until Phase 3 trials are complete (PDF)

See official JCVI and Govt responses above


ONS Data (04JUN21)

Why Are We Still Giving People COVID-19 Vaccines? Deaths, blood clots, trial end dates - Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson end 2023, Moderna ends 2022, MHRA reports, ONS statistics - average age of COVID-19 death is 82.4yrs, average of 2.3 comorbidities,  correlation between the vaccine roll-out and spike in mortality in care homes ( Article and PDF)


Dr Tess Lawrie - Evidence Based Consultancy Ltd Open Letter to MHRA re: Yellowcard System and evidence to declare COVID19 vaccinations unsafe (PDF)


Freedom of information Requests indicates data is not being analysed by regulators before being declared safe to use - UK and AUS


Long Covid in Children - Or is it 'long lockdown'? (Article and PDF)


Exposure risk to babies being fed by vaccinated mothers - There can be no assurances of safety, with so many unknowns (Article and PDF)


Dr Ros Jones: "Retired consultant paediatrician Dr Ros Jones says children should not be vaccinated for Covid-19. "If this goes ahead, children will die from the vaccine... they have no long term data" (4min video)

4min video


Retired Doctor Vernon Colemanthe vaccine roll-out

16min video and Transcript

Speaks out about Newsround BBC misinformation to children re: experimental COVID19 vaccine (PDF)

Yet, NHS state, "There is a chance you might still get or spread COVID-19 even if you have a vaccine" (PDF)


[See also end of year plays and 'sing-songs' image]


29JUN21 "We now have results from 5 NHS Trusts on our FOI requests for Children's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Royal Cornwall, Dorset, Royal United Bath, East & Nth Herts and Cambs Community. Still chasing all the others but the pattern is not changing. There is no "long COVID" in children."


30JUN21- Hancock states vaccine not tested on children & "What madness! We are robbing our children of their childhood with Covid shambles, writes campaigner" - Molly Kingsley



Natural Immunity(16JUN21)

"Public health insiders increasingly are calling out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over the “insanity” of pushing COVID vaccines on people who have already acquired natural immunity."

  • "A December 2020 study by Singapore researchers found neutralizing antibodies (one prong of the immune response) remained present in high concentrations for 17 years or more in individuals who recovered from the original SARS-CoV.
  • More recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published evidence of durable immune responses to natural infection with SARS-CoV-2.
  • Even back in March 2020, the NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci shared his view (in an email [p. 22] to Ezekiel Emanuel) that “their [sic] would be substantial immunity post infection.”
  • Yet despite these recent findings, health authorities are largely ignoring natural immunity’s stellar track record. In fact, as the American Institute of Economic Research reported, it appears in order to promote the COVID vaccine agenda, key organizations are not only “downplaying” natural immunity but may be seeking to “erase” it altogether.
  • Until recently, the Mayo Clinic reported that individuals who survived the 1918 influenza pandemic were immune, 92 years later, to H1N1 influenza. However as economist Jon Sanders noted, the Mayo Clinic removed the mention of 1918 influenza immunity from its website this spring.
  • And late last year, the WHO was caught attempting to unscientifically exclude “immunity developed through previous infection” from the very definition of herd immunity. (JUN2020 version vs OCT2020 version) - (Defender Article and PDF) CDC and NHS1, NHS2, Oxford)
  • Why, asks Sanders, are Americans being kept in the dark about the fact that so many “have faced COVID-19 and won” — and, therefore, “don’t need a vaccine?”

WHO also changed the defintion of 'pandemic':

The definition of 'vaccine' was also changed - vaccines now seem to include 'mRNA gene therapies'? (22MAR21)


Why I will not be giving my children the Covid vaccine - "There is no “emergency” from which children require saving: the risk of Covid-19 to them is tiny. The infection fatality rate in this age group is practically zero, and most remain asymptomatic or experience only mild symptoms" (The Times 13JUN21)


G7 Photos Elite Not Social Distancing


The moment the teacher tells her pupils that as of now no more masks are required


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