Plan to make Britain a global AI superpower

Posted on 22nd September, 2021


UK Govt Aims to position country as global leader in the governance of AI technologies and includes plans for a white paper on AI regulation.


"National AI Strategy to boost business use of AI, attract international investment and develop next generation of tech talent


New National AI Research and Innovation Programme alongside review of nation’s future computing capacity will help make sure UK discovers and develops latest innovations


The UK today launches its first National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy to help it strengthen its position as a global science superpower and seize the potential of modern technology to improve people’s lives and solve global challenges such as climate change and public health.


AI technologies underpin the tech and apps we use on a daily basis - from helping us navigate around cities and stopping online banking fraud to enabling voice recognition in smart speakers. They help clinicians improve their diagnosis of disease, are unlocking the potential for driverless cars and will deliver thousands of unforeseen benefits in everyday life." (Govt and PDF)



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