Young Hearts SO MANY DYING

Posted on 13th September, 2021




A Bleadon resident has sent the following videos to BOB, highlighlighting their great concern for young adults and athletes that have died following COVID-19 experimental jabs,


Part 1

MRNA Pfizer Moderna Heart Inflammation in Young Men

Part 2

Young Hearts Pt 2 / Checkur6 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Part 3

Young Hearts - So Many dying fromthe Jab - The Media are Silent


[UPDATE 16SEP21 - Professor Adam Finn JCVI vaccine expert say "there is a risk we could be doing more harm then good with this vaccine" . Politicians say ‘onward with the vaccine race’. Who should we believe?"


Clinical Jab Trials will not conclude for several more years

Vaccine Trial End Dates

PfizerAstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson end 2023, Moderna ends 2022,


Jab Information Leaflets found here


Updated UKC INTERACTIVE Analysis Adverse Reactions here


NB: Bleadon  Parish Council decided not to inform residents of the government MHRA Yellow Card jab reporting system, nor the associated Adverse Reactions Reports:

"To consider a suggestion from a Bleadon Resident: That the Council considers using some of the £10K COVID-19 grant money (currently £7,000) to urgently and directly inform residents of the Yellow Card system and associated reported COVID-19 vaccination side effects e.g. via a special leaflet. Quite a lengthy discussion took place on this subject matter which at the conclusion it was: Resolved not to take the suggested action although the Council Member’s recognised the value in broadcasting the Government’s Yellow Card System." (JUN 21- Min 343.7.2)

The 'independent' Bleadon Newsletter, paid for by Bleadon residents' precept, published partial information; but also deciding not to inform residents of the reported jab side effects (BVN118 pg14)


Local Government Association advises its members, including town and parish councils (via NALC), to encourage vaccine take-up among younger people.


BBC Local Democracy Reporters encourage every local authority to publish a similar government message, i.e. little to no true independent reporting on the pandemic and related issues.


12SEP21 - Covid jabs for 12- to 15-year-olds ‘set to start in weeks’ across UK Exclusive: NHS leaders understood to have been briefed on plans to vaccinate children, beginning from 22 September.


13SEP21 - Chief medical officers approve vaccines for all UK teenagers (PDF)



Click image to read The Light Newspaper (PDF)


Safer to Wait but ....


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