National Audit of Covid Deaths Evidence Sought

Posted on 24th March, 2021



The Covid19 Assembly is setting up a national audit team for ‘Covid deaths’, overseen by pathologist Dr Clare Craig. The Covid Deaths Audit will comprise of experienced health professionals, researchers, data analysts and legal experts (InfoPDF). Project launched launched 23 March 2021.

The team is collecting evidence from bereaved family members, medical staff, coroners and other official sources to ascertain to what extent (if any) official figures have been skewed by legislative changes to the registration of deaths. More info in the video below:


"Many concerns about the coding of Covid deaths have been raised including:

  • The sidelining of inquests.
  • The deficiencies of tests.
  • The alleged pressure on medical and care home staff to enter ‘Covid’ on certificates if a death has occurred within 28 days of a positive test."

"If you or anyone you know has lost someone whose death has been officially recorded as Covid-19, please come forward and let [the COVID-19 Assembly] know. All communication will be in strictest confidence and a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss the matter further."


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