Unnecessary hospitalisation morbidity and death can be reduced

Posted on 4th June, 2021


"Given the current failure of government support for randomized clinical trials evaluating widely available, generic, inexpensive therapeutics, and the lack of instructive outpatient treatment guidelines. .. clinicians must act according to clinical judgement and in shared decision making with fully informed patients."


Dr Peter McCullough MD speaks with Tucker Carlson 13 May 2021. 


Video 45 mins


He discusses the 30DEC2020 Article (PDF) including:


"An urgent immediate pivot from single drug to [sequenced multidrug therapy] SMDT regimens should be employed as a critical strategy to deal with the large numbers of acute COVID-19 patients with the aim of reducing the intensity and duration of symptoms and avoiding hospitalization and death.


"... the decision to withhold oral therapy early in a potentially fatal illness should be made in a shared-decision making process with the patient given the full understanding that the natural untreated history of COVID-19 in high risk adults includes the risk of hospitalization, hospital-acquired complications, and death. The physician and patient should understand that the only method by which a hospitalization could be avoided would be the empiric use of SMDT that have a reasonable chance of success with acceptable safety.


The early flu-like stage of viral replication provides a therapeutic window of tremendous opportunity to potentially reduce the risk of more severe sequelae in high risk patients. Precious time is squandered with a "wait and see" approach in which there is no anti-viral treatment as the condition worsens, possibly resulting in unnecessary hospitalization, morbidity, and death. Once infected, the only means of preventing a hospitalization in a high-risk patient is to apply treatment before arrival of symptoms that prompt paramedic calls or emergency room visits."

Dr McCullough MD, MPH, is ".. an internist, cardiologist and epidemiologist, and the editor-in-chief of “Cardiorenal Medicine” and “Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine.” He has authored over 500 cited works in the National Library of Medicine and lectured across the world on contemporary medical issues."


04JUN21 - Dr Sam White GP resigns due to COVID19 lies, and colleagues fear of speaking out, including safe proven COVID19 treatments available (2min video)


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