COVID killed just six healthy children during the pandemic

Posted on 12th November, 2021


Covid killed just six healthy children during the pandemic, while lockdowns have fuelled a timebomb of health disorders among the young, new data showed.


Today, 12NOV21, The Telegraph reported:

"The research examining more than 3,000 deaths of under-18s in England in the year since the first lockdown found a “tiny” proportion were linked to Covid.


Just 25 deaths were caused by the virus, and only six of those involved children without underlying conditions.


The same year saw more than 1,100 heart deaths among children, along with almost 1,200 fatalities linked to neurological conditions and more than 450 deaths among under-18s with respiratory conditions, according to research published in the journal Nature Medicine.


Meanwhile, a separate study from the University of Oxford showed a 17 per cent fall in diagnoses of childhood cancers in the months following the first lockdown." (Article and PDF)

National flu and COVID-19 surveillance reports published (Overview, Reports and Week45 PDF, Graphs, Data)


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