Which is Officially More Dangerous Covid19 or the Flu

Posted on 24th March, 2021



The CDC states that "The risk of complications for healthy children is higher for flu compared to covid-19" (PDF)


Dr Coleman opens his 'Which is Officially More Dangerous: Covid-19 or the Flu?' video with:

"I have since March 2020, described covid-19 as a disease which can be compared with the flu – but which has been blessed with better marketing. Right from the start I described it as the flu rebranded. It appears that no specific organism has been isolated for covid-19 and what is described as covid-19 has very similar symptoms to the traditional varieties of the flu, and it has been proven to have a similar mortality rate ..."


"We didn’t shut down the world in 2019 when the flu was much commoner than it is today – and in all those previous years when it was killing up to 650,000 worldwide in a six month flu season.


Indeed, today the flu has pretty well disappeared – possibly because the identical symptoms mean that flu victims are being diagnosed as covid-19 victims.


However, the only safe conclusion from all this solid, scientific evidence from the CDC is that the lockdowns, the social distancing, the hospital department closures, the masks and the vaccines were and are entirely unnecessary." (transcript)


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