The Light Paper Issue 6 and Issue 7

Posted on 17th March, 2021


The Light Paper Issue 6 Articles include:

  • Covid Shots Kill And Injure Hundreds
  • First Mask Discrimination Case Settled For £7,000
  • Children No Longer Matter - Open Schools NOW
  • UK Gov Quietly Extends Lockdown Until July 31st
  • From Science To Dogma
  • Face Masks: What We Can Learn From Proxemics
  • Gene-Edited And GM Crops ‘Highly Unlikely’ To Make Food System More Sustainable
  • What Exactly Do The WHO Do?
  • War On Truth
  • The Covidian Totalitarian Cult
  • Evidence-Free Mask Marauders Targeting The Exempt
  • Governments Should Stop Being A Killing Joke
  • Murder Of The Innocent
  • Smart Technology: Is It As Safe As We’re Told?
  • Horror Author Axed
  • False Flags & Crimes of Government
  • German Court Declares Lockdown Measures 
  • India’s Uprising Against The Globalist Food Takeover
  • Twitter Refused To Remove Child Porn Videos Despite Repeated Requests By Trafficking Victim
  • Swiss Hold Referendum On Lockdown Powers
  • What Can We Learn From China’s Social Credit System?
  • Defiance Grows Across Europe
  • How Lockdowns Damage Our Immunity
  • Marie Curie, The 1939 Cancer Act, And The Legacy Of Raymond Rife
  • Indoctrination Meets Inoculation: Interrogating Mass Vaccination
  • Freedom Network Update

UPDATE The Light Paper Issue 7 Articles include:

  • The New Abnormal - One Year On
  • Children Used as Lab Rats for the Ruler's Experimental Shots
  • Correction and Welcome to the Light Paper
  • NHS Worker for the Truth
  • Never-before-seen Covid Symptoms? Try Using Logic
  • Police Brutally Enforce Lockdown Rules
  • Employees - Know Your Rights
  • Letter From 2030: I Own Myself, Have Privacy and Life has Never Been Better
  • Make Freedom Your Religion - 2021 Census
  • Lockdown Kills
  • High Court: You Still Have Right to Remain Silent
  • Totnes Truth Attacked
  • Controversial Moves to Restore Free Speech and British Heritage
  • We're Fighting a Propaganda War
  • Flu Finally Eradicate ... By Covid-19?
  • Join the Freedom Network
  • Key Nutrients and Supplements: Functions and Food Sources
  • On the Rock: Pfizer Shot Deaths Controversy in Gibraltar
  • Israel Rolls Out Health Passports to Access Leisure
  • 117-year-old French Nun Celebrates Birthday Weeks After Contracting Covid
  • Big Tech's Policies Wil be Self-Destructive
  • Exposing BBC Aerotoxic Poisoning Cover-Up
  • Concerns About Mental Health Being Brushed Aside
  • Life on an Orthomolecular Farm
  • The Hidden History of Fluoride: Truth Decay
  • Showcasing Alternatives - Community, Food Supplies and Working Together

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The Light Paper Issue 1

  • Western ‘Democracies’ Decline Into Totalitarian Police States
  • AstraZeneca puts COVID-19 vaccine trials on temporary hold after recipient’s

    ‘potentially unexplained illness.’

  • UK Government issues new rules despite no evidence of a ‘pandemic’
  • Did The Government Use Behaviour Modifi cation Techniques on The Public?
  • How much psychological damage are we doing to our children?
  • The only sane politician? Interview with Nigel Utton from Norwich
  • Lockdown in the USA: Infant mortality down; Number of Vaccinations Down
  • US Riots
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Belarus offered ‘bribe’ by IMF and World Bank
  • In Quebec, people are being forcibly quarantined in a secret location
  • Polio outbreak in Sudan
  • The number of fatal attacks on Christians in Nigeria is hurtling toward the point of no return
  • Air industry stalling
  • Restaurants take a hit
  • What you can do?
  • Home schooling
  • Did Vaccines Cause the “Spanish Flu” Epidemic and Did Aspirin Overdose Make it Worse?
  • New study finds “Dead” virus cells frequently trigger “False Positives” in most common COVID test
  • An enzyme made by bacteria living on seaweed is being used to make environmentally-friendly laundry detergents
  • Top five questions to ask yourself when you read about Science in the mainstream media
  • DNR Scandal
  • Scientifi c Studies on Masks show Inefficacy

The Light Paper Issue 2

  • AGENDA 21 For the few, not the many
  • Notice served to MP’s of intended Private Prosecution against them
  • School tells pupils anyone who disagrees with the Government and the BBC is ‘far-right’ and should be reported
  • Darpa and Gates Foundation help develop nanochip for vaccines
  • Doctor arrested for speaking after riot police break up peaceful assembly in Trafalgar Square
  • Just why does Scientist Piers Corbyn keep getting arrested?
  • CDC admits there is no Covid-19
  • Maryland man jailed for one year following multiple parties during virus lockdown
  • Israel limits protests in new coronavirus lockdown law
  • New road between Russia and China
  • Sanctions imposed on Belarus after President refuses IMF
  • China’s economy recovering well, figures show
  • Russian Arctic shipping route up by 32%
  • Autistic Australian boy, found dead after search called off due to

    Covid restrictions

  • The Hidden Agenda?
  • Banks caught laundering over $2 Trillion for criminals
  • Bank gold traders convicted in trial
  • Killing two birds with one stone: Covid-19 and Agenda 21
  • The Internet of Everything, and how the next generation of robots

    and drones will police Smart Cities

  • Why are third world countries doing so much better with the

    Coronavirus than developed nations?

  • Those times ‘science’ got it wrong

The Light Paper Issue 3

  • Government’s ‘Disastrous Policies’ Breaking Human Rights Laws
  • Liverpool Gyms Resist Lockdown
  • Several MP’s Resign Front Bench Positions
  • Greville Janner Allowed To Stay Free
  • FOI Requests Show Just 100 Covid Deaths From 2.4 Million Public Sector Workers Since ‘Crisis’ Began
  • What has happened to the ‘Flu’?
  • Masks Causing ‘Brain Damage’ says Neurologist
  • Heathrow Installs Bio-Security Gates
  • Teaching ‘White Privilege’ As Fact Is Breaking Law: UK Equalities Minister Blasts BLM, Critical Race Theory
  • Sir Keir Starmer - Knight In Dirty Armour?
  • Not Sufficiently Scared
  • Protecting Granny
  • Small UK Farms Disappearing
  • 5G
  • Small UK Farms Disappearing
  • Colorado Care Home Residents’ Protest Against Restrictions
  • International Lawyers Prepare Lawsuit Against WHO
  • Parents in France Vow to Fight Planned Home-Schooling Ban
  • China Now World’s Largest Economy
  • How The Banking System Really Works
  • Why We Need to Reclaim Power Over our Health
  • GM Food Deregulation Derailed For Now

The Light Paper Issue 4

  • Vaccine Trials Answer Few Questions: BMJ
  • The 12 (Not 5!) Days of Christmas
  • MPs In Serious Dereliction Of Duty
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas (2020)
  • Plans for Major Satanic Temple in Scotland
  • There’s Nothing Great About This ‘Reset’
  • Censoring The Vaccine Debate Will Backfire
  • Fear – The Trojan Horse For Tyranny
  • WI-FI Radiation – A Generational Tragedy?
  • ‘Just Like The Nazis’ – Is Godwin’s Law Redundant?
  • Santa Facing Travel Restrictions
  • Gates Funds Vaccines Which Could Change DNA
  • Dr. Vernon Coleman: Medic’s Most Wanted
  • UK Think Tank Proposes Free Speech Act
  • The Great Resist
  • Wish You Were Here? Life In Sweden Is Old Normal
  • Aussie Cops Question Enforcement Tactics
  • Dr. Fauci Will See You Now
  • Central Banks Start Move Into Digital Currencies
  • Pensioners and Savers Hit Again By Government In Spending Review
  • Massive Pay-Outs for Executives of Pharmaceutical Companies Developing Coronavirus Vaccines
  • Disability By Design: Covid-19, Titanium Dioxide and Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Germ Theory v Terrain Theory: Why You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Antoine Béchamp
  • Pfizer – A Name You Can Trust?

The Light Paper Issue 5

  • 2021: the Year of Liberty
  • Exeter Chiefs Rugby Players Denounce Lockdown
  • 3,150 Reported With Adverse Reactions To Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine
  • Faith To Keep Her Business Open
  • Cuadrilla Give Up Fracking Licences In Lancs
  • ‘Publishing Propaganda’: Piers Corbyn Challenges Guardian Editor To Debate
  • Is There Any Point In Protesting?
  • Brexit Finally Gets Done
  • Why The Mainstream Media Is Hard To Trust
  • David Kurten - A New Hope?
  • Here’s How We Can End This Fraud Now – In One Day
  • Government Spend Millions On Vaccine PR
  • UK MHRA Confess Pfizer Vaccine Contains A Computer-Generated Genome Sequence
  • Covid-19 And Cargo Cult Science
  • Your Wake Up Viewing Guide in 2021
  • Brazil Say No To Great Reset
  • Christians Gather To Sing Christmas Carols In Defiance Of California Lockdown Orders
  • Mexico Bans Roundup As Toxic
  • Australia Scrap Vaccine Trials After Participants Return False HIV Results
  • Portuguese Appeal Court Rules PCR Test ‘Unreliable’
  • Rich Got An Incredible $1.9 Trillion Richer In 2020 While Everyone Else Lost Out
  • ‘High-Value’ Business Travellers Exempt From New Quarantine Rules
  • The Impact Of 2020 On The Travel & Tourism Industry
  • Safe To Fly? Aerotoxicity Cover-Up Scandal
  • Bad Diet Advice Is The Real Epidemic–Metabolic Syndrome
  • Fighting Back–Karen Dodd of The Freedom Network
  • Everton Demand Covid Test For Attending Fans

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