NHS Waiting List Could Hit 10 Million This Year

Posted on 12th June, 2020


BBC article Coronavirus: NHS waiting list 'could hit 10 million this year' (PDF)

"From about 4.2 million currently ... The NHS Confederation is simply saying that an independent forecast that the waiting list for routine surgery in England might hit 10 million by the end of this year looks reasonable. Others have floated similar predictions


In a new report, the NHS Confederation said healthcare services were operating at a reduced capacity of about 60% because of infection control measures" E.g. 60% fall in urgent cancer referrals [If COVID19 is here to stay how will the NHS ever recover?]


It is hard to forecast how quickly those patients who have stayed away from hospitals because of fears of the virus will return to seek urgent treatment. [Many have already died, it may already too late for others]


It also called for further assurances on the effectiveness of the Test and Trace programme and further guarantees over personal protective equipment (PPE). [Yet the Test and Trace programme has already locked-up 25K people this week based on those tests?] 


Asked when the government will publish data relating to England's track and trace system, [Business minister Nadhim Zahawi] said statistical experts wanted figures to be "robust" before publication. We will learn the lessons from this, I guarantee you, but we'll do it after we get through this challenge." [Yet decisions, guidance and potentially law is being made in relation to these statistics? Similar to BPC's lack of openness and transparency in their decision making]


The NHS Confederation has asked for an extension of the government's deal with the private sector, to provide beds, equipment and staff to the NHS, until next March ... Zahawi told BBC ... the NHS could resume delivering broader services "without the private hospitals". 


The NHS Confederation said challenges include a backlog of cases, maintaining social distancing, and staffing ... emergency funding and longer-term spending were needed."


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