Today Bleadon Councils First Virtual Zoom Meeting

Posted on 8th June, 2020


UPDATE 21 JUN 20: Notes on BPC First Zoom Meeting  



Parish Council's first virtual meeting via Zoom


Today, Monday 08 June 2020 at 7pm


InformationBPC Agenda
How?Zoom link
Meeting ID503 436 3980


If you would like to attend you do not necessarily need to have a Zoom account. Before the meeting click on the 'Zoom link' from BPC above (as seen on their Agenda). This will download software/app onto your computer/phone/tablet. To join the meeting enter the ID and Password before 7pm.


The Agenda format has changed again with outstanding actions, correspondence listing and financial information being removed from public access. There is now an Agenda overview with all associated information placed in 13 associated appendices. These appendices were initially withheld from the public until after the meeting, i.e. after BPC made its decisions and allocated finances. BOB challenged this and now it seems that four of the 13 appendices are now currently accessible on the BPC website.


With regards the outstanding appendices, the Chairman Cllr Williams, replied today via the clerk, "Both the Parish Clerk and on behalf of myself gave what I believe was a fulsome report to your last e-mail and therefore it is not my attention to prolong this correspondence any further."


1March Meeting Minutes
2Past Matters Report for information to the members
3Grid showing the e-mailed responses to North Somerset Planning Department - incl Wallflower House
4Financial Statement for the year end 31st March 2020
5Copy of the internal Auditor’s Report

The Annual AGAR

7Public Inspection Notice
8List of meeting dates for 2020-2021 (but Mar 2019 PDF?)
9Purchase of 9 new iPads and their usage Policy
10List of Council payments made by Direct Debit
11List of payments for the months of March/April/May for retrospective approval
12Clerk’s report to the meeting for information
13List of Correspondence Items.


With regards to the Agenda:

  • Appendix 3, Planning Application table doesn't state the 'by e-mail' date that "The Parish Council recommended approval' for this application. When was this response democratically voted on and agreed by all councillors?
  • There appears to be no information regarding any BPC responses to the six NSC consultations ending Mar-Apr? NB BPC may have been asked as Statutory Consultee to respond to other consultations.
  • There are no agenda items relating to BPC's approach to the COVID19 Lockdown, or reference to any government or national advice they have been given.
  • There is no reference to Weston General Hospital being closed, which put(s) the whole community at risk.
  • There is an indirect reference to the Wallflower House application in Appendix 3


The Information Commissioners Office states, "The Freedom of Information Act requires every public authority to have a publication scheme ... and to publish information covered by the scheme ... The scheme must set out your commitment to make certain classes of information routinely available, such as policies and procedures, minutes of meetings, annual reports and financial information."


ICO Model Publication Scheme - BPC comparison table

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I tried to join meeting (a bit late) and waited 30 minutes without being 'accepted' so then gave up!