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Notes on BPC First Zoom Meeting

Posted on 21st June, 2020


In the absence of any notification of the published minutes, or any further release of information, here are BOB notes of the Bleadon Parish Council Zoom meeting on 08 June 2020:

  • It took several attempts to join the meeting
  • Unfortunately, the sound quality was very poor, it was hard to hear and/or record the meeting, hence brief overview notes.
  • My request to 'record' through the Zoom facility went unanswered.
  • The Clerk and five councillors attended the meeting.
  • No other members of the public attended, although BOB is aware that at least one other member of the public tried to attend but they were held in the Zoom 'waiting room' for over half an hour, and ultimately were not allowed to enter the meeting.
  • No documents were shared on screen when they were discussed.
  • Councillors again discussed land that didn't belong to them, showing the Asset Register was not used by councillors before making complaints against fellow councillors, or members of the public.
  • Later in the meeting when discussing the Audit submission it was agreed that the Asset Register was 'incomplete, inaccurate and not properly maintained'- Section H on AGAR submission and was therefore ticked as 'NO'. In the absence of the document discussed at the meeting see previous 2018-19 submission. (This issue was raised at last year's Audit, with questions still remaining unanswered).
  • The Internal Auditor also highlighted the need to review the BPC 'Risk Assessment' to ensure Internal Compliance Objective 20? (This issue was raised at last year's Audit, with questions still remaining unanswered).
  • It was clear that budget headings were fluid, with money being transferred between projects, and that it was unclear what was precisely was being spent under each budget heading. (This issue was raised at last year's Audit, with questions still remaining unanswered).
  • It seems the BPC Grant Policy does not need to be used if councillors/clerk call it a donation or a financial contribution?
  • There seems to be a lack of clarity as to BPC project leadership, and internal/public feedback and accountability.
  • Ipads - Clerk stated that they were not bought for video-conferencing ability, but for document viewing? Some councillors were not using their ipads as they did not work as expected, and so the Clerk was tasked with returning and/or reconfiguring them?

More updates will be posted by BOB if and when the information is released by BPC.



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