Australian Vaccination Compensation Bill

Posted on 11th October, 2021


The object of this Bill is to amend the Public Health Act 2010 to provide for the payment of compensation to workers who suffer injury, loss or damage as a result of a requirement to be vaccinated - paid by employer?


Section 137 Liability to workers required to be vaccinated:

(1) This section applies if a relevant body requires a worker to be vaccinated against a disease prescribed by the regulations.

(2) The relevant body is liable to pay compensation to the

worker for any injury, loss or damage suffered by the worker as a result of the vaccine.

(3) The relevant body continues to be liable to pay compensation to the worker until the worker’s death, even if the worker ceases to be employed or otherwise engaged by the relevant body.

(4) In this section—

  • relevant body, in relation to a worker, means the person or body that employs or otherwise engages the worker.
  • worker of a relevant body includes a person engaged by, or on behalf of, the relevant body under a contract for services, but does not include a volunteer. (Bill and PDF)

Related UK Government COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Bill (PDF) and bill postition, currently in its second reading as of 11OCT21.


See previous BOB Blog - Vaccine Damage Bill reading by Sir Christopher Chope MP, 10SEP21.


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