One Christian Mans View of Equality Today

Posted on 23rd March, 2021



On the 7th March David Scott was to give a talk at Holyrood, which became known as the Queensferry Speech. (Transcript)


He opened his speech:

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.


I have noticed that as well as controlling what we do, the state is increasingly telling us what to think and what to believe.


They tell us there are certain values we must endorse. To question those values is to open oneself up to venomous attacks, social shunning and, increasingly, thanks to Humza Yousaf and those like him, legal prosecution. As a result, the promotion of values that claim to be liberal and democratic is increasingly closing down free and open debate. In the name of fairness, the state is ushering in control of speech, and hence of thought.


So today, let us push back and consider one of these hallowed beliefs and see what we think of it.


The idea I want to discuss with you today is equality.


The French Revolution proclaimed Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. It also resulted in the Reign of Terror, directed against the economically successful and those of Christian faith. This alone is sufficient to question the concept. So, let us do so."

He went on to speak about:

  • The attainability of 'equality'
  • The state and equality
  • Equality, no family, no faith for thee
  • Can 'equality' be rejected?
  • Equality unattainable, justice inevitable
  • Tell the truth


UPDATE 01MAY21: The Lord's Prayer Considered

  • A line by line look at the Lord's Prayer, the closing speech at the 1st May 2021 Anti-Lockdown gathering at Holyrood, Edinburgh - Video and local paper article.


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