COVID-Status Certification Consultation

Posted on 18th March, 2021


The short window of opportunity for your comments is open for 2 weeks, closing Monday 29 March.


The COVID-Status Certification Review - Call for evidence consultation states:

"You can respond either with text in an email or with attachments to an email. There is no requirement for each response to cover every question: please respond to the questions which are most relevant to you and your expertise. Responses do not need to be exhaustive - we welcome short responses that provide relevant comments.  Please submit your response by email to:"


"The government is looking to consider the ethical, equalities, privacy, legal and operational aspects of a potential certification scheme, and what limits, if any, should be placed on organisations using certification."


"The government is reviewing whether COVID-status certification could play a role in reopening our economy, reducing restrictions on social contact and improving safety ...


Such certification would be available both to vaccinated people and to unvaccinated people who have been tested ...


[The government] ... welcome[s] views from all respondents." (Consultation PDF and Privacy Noticee PDF)

You may also want to consider:

  • The perceived need for this 'COVID19 Certification' comes from the perceived risk of catching/transmitting COVID19. This is 'risk' is monitored by faulty PCR tests
    • Sir Patrick Vallance said "... If you compare lateral flow tests to PCR you'll get more positives with PCR, cos PCR is very, very sensitive, they can pick up very low levels of virus, which may not even be infectious. It may just be low levels there. So PCR will always pick up more than lateral flow" --- So, if people may not even be infectious what have all the lockdowns,  isolations and need for vaccination been based on?


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