The Light Paper Issue 9

Posted on 5th May, 2021


The The Light Paper Issue 9 Articles include:

  • What Pandemic?
  • Vaccination Cuaing Mass Sickness In NHS - Consultant
  • Order Followers not Passive In Tyranny, Studies Show
  • Ten Steps to Mind Control
  • Who is the Policing Bill Really Aimed At?
  • Get Up, Stand Up in the Park
  • Is There Already a World Government?
  • I Know My Rights! - But Do You Really?
  • Dancing For CHildren's Mental Health Charity
  • Green Agenda Undermines Energy Security
  • Why Does Anyone Trust These People?
  • Sadiq Khan Serves Billionaires, Not Londoners
  • Truth Pursuit
  • Gibraltar Stands Up Against Apartheid
  • Only the VAccinated Being Evacuated from St. Vincent Eruption
  • It's Always the Economy, Stupid: China's Belt & Road Behind Geopolitics
  • Timeline of Israel-China Ties
  • For Britain: Far Right Rascists or Old School Conservatives?
  • Covid Treatment Reduces Death by 70%
  • Vitamin B12 and Its Coincidental Deficiency Symptoms
  • Is Sugar a Chemical Weapon?
  • Vaccine Passports can Drive Digital Identities - WEF Panel


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