The Light Paper Issue 8

Posted on 13th April, 2021


The The Light Paper Issue 8 Articles include:

  • Gates Top Virologist: Vaccines Threatening Humanity
  • What is an mRNA Vaccine?
  • Yellow Card Reporting Scheme (BOB Blog)
  • Worldwide Rallies for Freedom
  • Preparing our Children for Totalitarianism
  • The World is a Business, Mr. Beale
  • The Covid 1984 Act
  • Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll?
  • A Psychologist's Perspective on the regime
  • Climate Change Fraud and the Club of Rome
  • Is the UN's Relationship Education Secualising Young Children?
  • The Democratic NetworkL A new vision for local politics
  • We Have to Move Quickly to Haltthe Covid-19 Coup
  • What a Cashless Society Would Mean
  • Public Debt Now at 97.5% of GDP
  • Covid Ushering in Great Reset Economy (BOB page)
  • Preparing for Disasters
  • A 21st Century Planation in Ireland
  • Tanazian President Who Refused Covid Narrative Dies at 61
  • America Opening Up
  • Colonel Muammar Gaddafi - The Truth
  • Forest Occupation Movement Germany
  • Right Said Fred Interview
  • Open Letter to Medical Professionals
  • Every Official UK Covid Death to Be Investigated (BOB Blog)
  • Without the Signed consent of the Governed There is No Government


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