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Posted on 6th February, 2021

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On 04 February 2021 (PDF) the Guardian reported:

"Speaking to LBC this week, Hancock revealed that viewing Contagion had influenced his vaccine policy. “In the film, it shows that the moment of highest stress around the vaccine programme is not before it’s rolled out – when the scientists and manufacturers work together at pace – it’s afterwards when there is a huge row about the order of priority,” he said.

To be clear, Hancock also pointed out that Contagion wasn’t his primary source of advice"

What other sources has he considered, perhaps he has also familiar with dystopian books and films (some indicated in the table below)? 


Utopia by Omletto (15 mins)


Nineteen Eighty-FourFahrenheit 451
Animal FarmClockwork Orange
Lord of the FliesSoylent Green
Logan's RunGattaca
The MatrixBrave New World
BrazilA Handmaid's Tale
Brave New World RevisitedContagion
 I Am Not A NumberUtopia
The Island 


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