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Posted on 16th July, 2020



There are very real and distressing effects of the government's NHS Test & Trace program. It has already directly led to local people being verbally, publicly, socially and emotionally 'attacked' by other members of the public, particularly through the use of social media.


In neighbouring Burnham-on-Sea an unexpected COVID19 test result closed at least 3 small businesses, locked-up an unknown number of people, and left some people and their family members victimised and emotionally scarred. 

A man in Burnham took a COVID19 test, stating “I thought: I’ll take a test so I’d know if I got it at work”. This led to him testing 'positive' and subsequently informing the people he had met, and the places he had visited, over the previous days. 


A pub landlady who was contacted broke 'protocol' and took it upon the business to phone up "90 people to warn them that a weekend customer had tested positive for coronavirus" and was subsequently seemingly praised by the community and the press.


An Indian takeaway who was contacted stated "It saddens us to tell you all that due to unforeseen circumstances, we are closing [the] ... takeaway up until Friday ... This is because one of the drivers has been in the same pub as the person who has tested positive to Covid-19"


A vape shop who was contacted tried to follow 'protocol' stating, “... as soon as I got the message about the positive test result on Sunday, I immediately closed the bar, locked up and spoke with the NHS and Police who informed us of the correct steps, all of which we have followed. Sadly, having done this the woman and her family were later "hounded, with some in the town furious that she had reopened the bar on Monday. She claims her 18-year-old daughter fled from a supermarket in the town after other shoppers yelled that she was “infected” and should be in isolation. It got so bad that Underhill resigned from her other job as an HR manager for a manufacturing company on Tuesday. “I’m having to shield my staff from abuse and look after my family. There’s no way at the moment I can do all of that while working full time,”" Later, the woman posted on social media, "So in one day I have been called skanky, vile, greedy, irresponsible, a liar, a whore, lazy, selfish, attention seeking, a fraud and a cxxx wow can't wait to see what tomorrow brings".


The man who tested positive, "...who suffers from anxiety, came off Facebook to escape what he felt was a torrent of abuse. “I couldn’t handle seeing it"" The phoning around, the contacting NHS Test & Trace, and the social media frenzy resulted in the positively tested man experiencing, ""... wild, unfounded rumours [that] were starting to spread around the town, fuelled by fear and anger on social media. Some claimed [the man] had known he was infected before heading out or that he worked in a care home. Others swore he had visited every pub in the town. His identity became an open secret, discussed in cafes, shops and street corners. Comments branding him “totally irresponsible”, “ignorant and selfish” and calling for him “to be jailed for not listening” appeared on the social media pages of the two pubs"


Health Secretary Matt Hancock subsequently publicly stated, "This is NHS Test and Trace working precisely as intended" Really, is this the anti-social, divisive and destructive behaviour that government wants! If so, why? What will be the consequential effect on local businesses, and their associated social communities, as people move their custom online through fear? 

Health Secretary Matt Hancock also praised "businesses for "doing the right thing by their customers and by their communities" by closing". Has anyone heard of any large multi-national supermarkets/businesses shutting down voluntarily, or being asked/forced to close by Track & Trace?  Or government breakdown statistics on how many businesses have closed, what type of business, for how long, and affecting how many staff, and how many were sadly hospitalised and later died? If so, please send BOB the information. 


This is the reality of the type of community that the government Lockdown(up), masks and fearmongering has created and is continuing to encourage, seemingly without regard to the consequentlal physical, mental, social and emotional health effects. The mandated and/or encouraged use of masks/face coverings will exacerbate this type of stress on our communities and local businesses, as people may, inappropriately and illegally (?), enforce the use of masks


What type of society are we living in that thinks that this sort of 'social communication' and bullying is acceptable? What are our children seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling as they are also forced to sit 2m away from their friends? How much worse will this get when people start to shout from behind the safety of a 'mask' that obscures their face?





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