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Parish Council Audio Recordings

Posted on 12th January, 2021


Bleadon Parish Council has so far declined access to the public Zoom audio and/or video recordings since they started in June last year. Conversely, Brent Knoll publish their 'village hall' and Zoom recordings on Youtube, and use the document sharing facility. Will BPC do the same as councillors requested, discussed and seemingly agreed, last night?


It should be noted that although there are many references to associated reports on the Agenda, these also have not been released to the public, not even on screen at the Zoom meeting.. 


Things to note from January Agenda/Meeting (NB timings are approximate): 

  • Agenda -  not published on the noticeboards?
  • A370 NSC consultation has been had, another is due? - Terry Porter (6mins) Was the Nov 20 Zoom meeting called correctly? [NB: BOB has not received an acknowledgement or response from our Nov 20 email] (17mins)
  • Councillors discussed who was invited to the November Zoom meeting, why was the Zoom link changed that excluded the majority of residents from the meeting? (19mins)
  • Documentation - Cllrs discussed Jan 21 Agenda has incorrect 09 Nov minutes approval date (should be 16 Nov), the Dec minutes stated meeting started at 7:45pm [same as delayed Nov meeting the previous month?], also has incorrect time Cllrs rejoined the Dec meeting [at 08:15 not 7:39pm]? (21mins)
  • It was stated that the formal council meeeting is not noted (time recorded) as started until after the public session has ended? (22mins)
  • It was stated that a councillor needs to declare an interest on land adjacent to their property, even if they don't own it, is this correct? [Would residents need to declare an interest if their neighbours were building?] (26mins)
  • Where is BPC's Newsletter delivered or not? (27mins)
  • BPC acknowledge their planning response process needs attention
  • [Why was the Caravan Park extension still not on the Agenda, despite affecting an SNCI and PROW?]
  • [Continued reference to 'village' instead of an inclusive 'parish' approach]
  • Audit has written a report and BPC have responded (report(s) not on BPC website?)
  • Precept will remain at £50K, the budget is , as agreed in Dec the difference will come from the reserves (56mins)
  • New Administration System software was agreed to be purchased. BPC will be 'guinea pigs. Total price, training and ongoing costs not indicated on agenda, it appears that BPC will pay half price for the first year, £600 and £1,200 second year onwards.Where did the Small Business Grant come from and what is it for?
  • [Although over £500, there appears to have been only one quotation (Financial Regs 10.3)?]
  • PROW report has been updated again (but no reports on BPC website?) (1hr 13min)
  • Roads - pavement needs fixing, and entrance to Halls Car Park (1hr 21min)
  • BPC Newsletter - Editor hoping to bring out in March (TOR not published on BPC website?)
  • Youth Club Lease waiting for solicitors then signatures
  • Zoom vs physical meetings Another councillor again asks for BPC meetings to be broadcast to residents (1hr 26mins)
  • NDP - seems that a meeting was held recently, but no working group minutes for councillors or residents? (1hr 29 mins)
  • Bleadon in Bloom - trees, rewilding, tubs, but recent reports and current budget of 10K aren't available on BPC website, which may explain resident concerns about costs and activities? However, a £3K 2021 budget and 'Portfolio for Bleadon Pennant Entry 2019' are on the website? (1hr 44mins)
  • Church clock - regilding of the clock is in hand (1hr 46mins)
  • (bus) Shelter at the top of Celtic Way, work to start re-erecting at the end of the month (1hr 47mins)
  • Concern over Bridge Road/A370 crossing
  • Chairman confirms that the A370/Coronation Road exit is illegal. Previous BPC public , all  meeting referenced, but no notes on BPC website?
  • Meeting finished 8:55pm, next Zoom meeting 08 Feb 21 at 7pm.

From many years of attending BPC meetings, it is clear that there continues to be a lack of transparency regarding BPC meetings and decision making, in particular its closed Working Group meetings. This year BPC abandoned its Finance & Personnel, Planning, and Open Spaces Committees without explanation.


Where are the Terms of Reference, and discussion/decision notes, from the following Working Groups on BPC's website: November’s Budget working group, Bleadon Rights of Way, PROW, Churchyard, A370, Children’s Playground, NDP, Bleadon COVID19 group, Open Spaces, Diamond Jubilee, all of which may have finances associated? See BOB Budget Blog 



See Bleadon Developments January 2021

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