Consultations Ending January 2020

Posted on 16th January, 2020



BOB has just become aware of a number of NSC consultations about to end this month.



DRAFT Corporate Plan



17 Dec 1917 Jan 20

Corporate Plan



DRAFT 2020/21 Budget17 Dec 1917 Jan 20




Rewilding in North Somerset11 Nov 1924 Jan 20

Native Woodland

Tall Grass Management


Climate Emergency Strategy13 Dec 1931 Jan 20

Action Plan




Corporate Plan

"Every four years the council develops a Corporate Plan. This is the council’s overarching strategic document. It sets out our vision and priorities for the area and for the organisation. 

As part of our commitment to engagement and transparency, we would like your views on this draft plan" UPDATE 18 Jan 20 - Corporate Plan Questionnaire.
NSC Consultation Summary Results

Corporate Budget 2020/21

"Every February the council approves a budget for the next year setting out how much money we have available to spend on the services we provide. We're consulting on our draft budget for 2020/21 and we would like to hear your views."


UPDATE 18 Jan 20 - NSC Budget Questionnaire.

How is it that NSC consult with the public on its Budget but Bleadon Parish Council held their budget and precept setting behind closed doors, in a working group with unknown members, and did not offer it for public consultation or even viewing before it was agreed at full council 13 January 2020 (Min 330.8)?

Consultation Summary Results


Rewilding in North Somerset

"Rewilding seeks to change the way open spaces are managed to allow nature to reinstate a more natural environment to benefit both biodiversity and local communities. We are committed to rewilding our parks, open spaces and verges across the district. In order to achieve this, we are planning to change some of our maintenance programmes. This will primarily include planting more trees and allowing some areas of grass to grow taller.


More information on the benefits of rewilding can be found on [NSC] website. We have identified locations to rewild and we have created an interactive map to show where these are. The map shows our amenity grass areas, which are the areas which we are proposing rewilding. These locations are where we are proposing to plant trees or let the grass grow taller. The map also shows the Ward boundaries so you can identify where your neighbourhood is located.


We want to know your opinion about our proposals and would also like to know of any further locations you think may be suitable for rewilding. As part of this project we would like to get local communities involved, therefore we are looking for volunteers who would like to help out with rewilding projects including tasks such as tree planting and monitoring areas."


Consultation Summary Results

Climate Emergency Strategy

"We have declared a Climate Emergency


In early 2019 North Somerset Council declared a Climate Emergency. Since then a draft Climate Emergency Strategy and a live Action Plan have been prepared. These documents have been endorsed by full council and now form the basis for the council's response to the climate emergency.


As well as seven key principles that outline how we will address the causes and consequences of climate change, the strategy includes an aim for North Somerset to become a carbon neutral council and a carbon neutral area by 2030.


We're interested in your views on how North Somerset has responded to the climate emergency and your views on the draft strategy. There's also an opportunity to sign up for future workshops to help develop the action plan which can also be viewed ..."


Consultation Summary Results


Information on Statutory Consultees.


Previous consultation blog: How Fracking Surveys and Consultations Affect Bleadon


Link to BOB Consultation page

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