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Bleadon Parish Council at Full Capacity

Posted on 1st June, 2018



UPDATE March 2019: Resident complaint (not BOB) upheld by NSC - "Sub-Committee concluded that the Councillor’s actions had breached Bleadon Parish Council’s Code of Conduct, in particular; Openness and Leadership"



UPDATE Summer 2018 BVN 109:  "Bleadon Acting Together started as a small group of people concerned about a planning application in Purn Way ... Then we heard that there was going to be an application for 250 houses and a school on the fields at the front of the vitlage ... Jim Baines, Anne Selway, Joanne Richardson, Andy Scarisbrick and Kirsten Hemingway-Arnold all agreed to apply for co-option. Kirsten was initially rejected by the sitting parish council but was elected at the next meeting. With five of the team now part of both organisations and with pubtic opinion that our name implied we were rebels or activists we decided to change the name of Bleadon Action Group to Bleadon Acting Together ..."



BPC has published its minutes confirming that the council is now running at its full capacity of 9 councillors. Four councillors were co-opted and one rejected (with no explanation) at the 04 May18 (Min 308.5) and another two co-opted at the 14 May 18 meeting (Min 309.5). Five of the six new councillors are members of the Bleadon Acting Together group (formerly known as Bleadon Action Group). Bleadon’s six new councillors are:

  • Cllr Jim Baines (Chair)
  • Cllr Kirsten Hemingway
  • Cllr Jo Richardson
  • Cllr Andy Scarisbrick
  • Cllr Anne Selway
  • Cllr Gill Williams

Councillors’ individual and group responsibilities can be seen here as published by BPC.


With such an influx of new councillors BOB is looking forward to a more open, honest and transparent approach by BPC, with better access to timely and accurate information regarding the decisions and activities undertaken on behalf of residents by BPC. We will keep you posted ...

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