Another Serious A370 Traffic Accident

Posted on 4th June, 2018



Sadly there has been yet another serious road traffic accident on the A370 Bleadon. 


Although very little has been published on BPC's Bridge Road/A370 Project to date, in May BPC stated they will be sending out some information, requesting residents' suggestions and holding a meeting in August re: Road Safety Proposals:


FYI, BOB has summarised some background information from large scale developments in Bleadon since 2014 including some S106 information from:


 Also some BPC minutes:

  • May 2018 (Min 309.19) - re: Bridge Rd Junction " It would be possible to include it later on in this financial year if fully funded from non-NSC budgets.  Otherwise it will be put on the programming list for 2019/2020." Also comment on Traffic Lights, one-way system, S106
  • Feb 2018 (Min 305.12) -  "The Chairman read a report from Councillor Dobson ... The early estimate of cost is over £21,000.  Mr Bailey explained that NSC funds are restricted and a contribution form Bleadon PC and Marshalls would help to raise the priority of the scheme  ...  An overall 50% contribution would give the scheme a good chance."
  • Oct 2016 (Min 288.4) - re: A370, Traffic Lights Speed Limit, Bridge Rd Junction

It seems that although road improvements have been agreed with the Wake Park and Quarry developments these will not happen until they start to be built. Conversely, the £12 million Caravan Park development that has gone ahead has not been required to contribute to any road traffic improvements? Does this mean that Bleadon residents will be expected to pay the tens of thousands of pounds to create them instead? If so, will there be any ongoing repair and maintenance costs for Bleadon residents? When those developments do happen will their Section 106 obligation be spent elsewhere in North Somerset?


Whatever improvements NSC may or may not take we can only hope that drivers take much more care when driving, and police enforce traffic laws. 

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