More Resignations

Posted on 5th April, 2018


The last 12 months has seen 7 councillor and 2 clerk resignations. The key persistent theme seems to be very poor openness, honesty, transparency and respect both within BPC between councillors, and towards the public.

BOB is pro-resident access to information relating to BPC decision making, to ensure residents have equal information, inclusion and engagement in all issues, as is a resident's right. If this is considered by some as anti-Parish Council then democracy in Bleadon is in serious trouble. See Nolan Principles of Public Office that welcomes public scrutiny, which BPC include in their own Code of Conduct; especially accountabiity, scrutiny and openness!


There has been an increasing trend towards closed undocumented meetings with little public access to information on decision making. Consequently some of these decisions have been contrary to the majority of residents' views as indicated in Bleadon's currently adopted 2009-29 Parish Plan. BOB has offered several times to discuss and resolve issues and residents' concerns with BPC but they have declined to meet since the 'Meeting of common ground.' in 2016, so issues and concerns remain unresolved several years on.


Things seem to have come to a crisis point with the resignation of two more councillors, resigning after the announcement of the Annual Parish Meeting where residents should be able to ask questions of parish and district councillors directly without having to presubmit a question to BPC. Unfortunately, this year there appears to be no presentation by NSC or BPC regarding their NDP project or progress to date? Also, BPC has mis-represented BOB's request for resident access to information before undertaking a vote with the public.


The council is now down to its minimum of three councillors. We believe that until BPC's current secretive and undemocratic culture changes residents will continue to be reluctant to join this closed 'group' of people. 

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