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Bleadon Natural Environment Help Wanted

Posted on 6th September, 2015

BOB has received recent correspondence below regarding our local environment. If you are interested, please contact  Ian or Jenny directly for further details or if you prefer Contact BOB and I will pass on your message/details.

Bleadon Rights Of Way Group (BROW)

Will be clearing the Axe footpath on Tuesday morning 8th September meet in the car park near Bridge Garage at 10.30 risk assessment will be completed and tools and protective equipment supplied. This is a beautiful walk that has been closed for a while and we want to restore it for all to enjoy. It is walk able at the moment but lets give it a new lease of life and make it even more accessible anyone wishing to help is welcome if we have moved on and working follow the sound of the strimmers and find us. If it is inclement weather we will not be there ....it is voluntary


Ian Findlay (Village Ranger)





Bleadon Natural History Walk/Talk Wanted

I am the Chairman of Weston-super-Mare Archaeological & Natural History Society.  In the past we have had a Natural History Secretary who would devise and lead walks for our members.  Currently we are unable to fill this post, and I am trying to organise about 3 walks, the first one to take place in November, anywhere in the North Somerset area, and the Bleadon area would be interesting.  

What I am looking for is someone with a knowledge of the area and natural history to lead the walk.  I am hoping you may know of someone who may be able to do this for us, obviously we would pay the person, but we do not have a big budget and would have to pass it on to the members taking part in the walk.  The walk would ideally be between 2-5 miles.  The important bit being the knowledge of the natural history.
Kind Regards
Jenny Kingsbury.
For more information on Bleadon Public Rights of Way and Bleadon Walks and Wildlife click links.

Bleadon volunteers cleared River Axe footpath

on 8th/11th September 2015

Volunteers clearing River Axe footpathClearing River Axe footpath 
Axe FootpathAxe Footpath
Axe FootpathBeforeAxe FootpathAfter

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Comments (4)

Thanks to the folk who spent time and worked hard in keeping our footpaths accessible. There are lots of people from the village and elsewhere that benefit from the wonderful walks around Bleadon so thanks for helping to keep our precious footpaths in good shape. Next time help is needed I shall be there if I can !
Thanks to all the volunteers for this work for the parish, on behalf of North Somerset Council, and bringing this popular walk back to life following it's closure due to flooding.

Please enjoy walking all our public footpaths and rights of way and report any problems with access or maintenance.

More information details via these pages PROW http://www.bleadon.org.uk/prow.html and WALKS http://www.bleadon.org.uk/walksandwildlife.html
Hi Bob
A good day on friday saw the footpath recut in places and is now easily walkable a big thankyou to all helpers and to Bill Hewitt who after fridays session on the strimmer could not hold his pint as his hand was cramping, needless to say he got around the problem
The walk is now very accessable and I would encourage all walkers to use it, it is a beautiful walk along the River Axe with Swans and wildlife abundant the more who use it the easier it will be to maintain. It appears not many know of the footpath being open again as it was closed for so long so please promote it. It runs from virtually opposite The Sluice by Bridge Garage on the A370 to the caravan park and beyond for those who use OS it is footpath AX6/14 also known locally as the Withy Walk.
Regards Ian
Help came in the form of Les Masters Pat White and his neighbour Brian Noble a good mornings work saw us clear the start of the path to a beautiful state (pics above) still lots of work to do to complete but it is now hard graft with big strimmers blades etc as it is very overgrown myself and Bill Hewitt will be out tomorrow (11/9/15) at 11.30 to continue the work, those who use the walk are extremely grateful and have emailed me to this effect
Ian Findlay

UPDATE: Completed the footpath today with Bill in places we had to recut the path it looks very good now and we would encourage villages to use it as this will keep it clear many thanks to all helpers some before and after photos