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As of 19 March 2020 (the week before lockdown), COVID-19 was no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK (More)


The Highwire (USA) 

53min Frontline Doctors Speak

1:46hr COVID19 Vax Trials

Retired UK Dr. Vernon Coleman

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Nuremberg Trial Mass manipulation


The Light Paper



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BOB has been asked to balance the views of those who feel they may be persecuted for speaking out during these Coronavirus/Lockup times. NB: Articles below may have been removed by Youtube, Facebook, etc. without explanation e.g Dr. Vernon Coleman comparing censorship to "modern day version of book burning". BOB will continue to update this archive as time permits.


"1984 is a dystopian novel ...on the consequences of government over-reach, totalitarianism, mass surveillance, and repressive regimentation of all persons and behaviours within society. More broadly, it examines the role of truth and facts within politics and their manipulation." (Wiki 1984) (Also read, Brave New World  & Brave New World Revisited by Aldous Huxley).



17 MAY 22

IRAN - Digital Food Rationing rolls out using biometric IDs amid food riots. Universal Basic Income disguised as food (See UK Universal Credit)

Control Food - Control People -- SLAVERY

04 MAY 22 Food Supply Shutdown - Deer, fish, pigs euthanized, crops not planted. (See Rockefeller: Reset theTable - Meeting the moment to transform the US food system)
MAY 22 Leaflet page1 and page2. Completing the Move to Universal Credit (PDF) Universal Credit Impact Assessment 2011 (PDF)
07 APR 22 COVID passports are Digital IDs - The government has issued new COVID contracts incl - SERCO (PDF) contact tracing £212m to 2024, NETCOMPANY (PDF) COVID passport £18m to 2023 with option to extend to 2025. They only spent £1.6m on the original, why theneed for £18m more? (Image1 and Image2)
JUL 21

Political Moonshine COVID19 Timeline (PDF)

02 JUL 21

Nuremberg Code Explained: The People vs Pandemic Propaganda - Video (PDF) - NB: UK COVID19 vaccines are authorised under emergency powers, not 'licenced' (i.e. still being tested) so therefore can be considered an experimental vaccine - people should be informed that they are part of a medical experiment - trials not finished

Edward Bernays - group mentality & following leadership uncritically -12mins video)

 17 SEP 21 Case of mad cow disease confirmed on Somerset farm (PDF) Article on Mark Purdey Organophosphates Implicated in Mad Cow Disease - Prions (PDF)
JUNE 2021
17 JUN 21 Three British Airways pilots have died of the COVID “vaccine” in the past 7 days incl audio
16 JUN 21 Advertiser boycott of GB News is spineless stupidity (PDF)
16 JUN 21 Double-jabbed UK tourists could skip amber-list quarantine under proposals (PDF)
16 JUN 21 Politico summary of events & MPs votes for lockdown (PDF)
JUNE 21 NSC Life Magazine (costs) and BPC Newsletters March and June with vaccination  and lockdown articles
MAY 2021
24 MAY 21 The Myth of the ‘Asymptomatic Spreader’ Dealt Another Blow This Week (PDF) Review 
20 MAY 21 The ‘weaponisation’ of behavioural psychology - Government advisors agree strategy has been unethical
 April 2021
 30 APR 21 UK Column Summary April
 08 APR 21 A Very Convenient Pandemic (PDF)
02 APR 21 Dr Yeadon Delingpod Podcast - Vaccine and Masks
 APR 21 The Light Paper - Issue 8 (Contents)
MARCH 2021
31 MAR 21 UK Column Summary March
21 MAR 21 The Light Paper - Issue 7 (Contents)
12 MAR 21 Why are We Still Giving People COVID19 Vaccines (PDF)
07 MAR 21 Interview with a Stormtrooper (PDF)
07 MAR 21 The Queensferry Speech (PDF)
07 MAR 21 Corrupt Scotland John Swinney and the Crown Office (PDF)
06 MAR 21 Joe Biden Unlawful Agression in Syria Signals the Endgame in the Region (PDF)
02 MAR 21 Ethical Psychotherapy vs the Unethical Applied Psychology of SPi-B and the UK Government (PDF)
FEB 21  The Light Truthpaper - Issue 6 (Contents)
FEB 21  UK Column Summary February
28 FEB 21 Hate Creep (PDF)
28 FEB 21 A New Stink in Auld Reekie (PDF)
27 FEB 21 No Smoke without Fire Part 2 - T Cell Training and COVID19 Vaccines (PDF)
21 FEB 21 Is COVID-19 A Hoax (PDF)
19 FEB 21 Matt Hancock acted unlawfully over Covid contract, judge rules (PDF)
11 FEB 21 No Smoke without Fire COVID 10 and the RiO Gulag (PDF)
07 FEB 21 Leslie Evans and the Salmond Affair (PDF)
03 FEB 21 Progressive Collapse (PDF)
02 FEB 21 Why is There a Correlation Between the Vaccine Rollout and Increased COVID10Mortality (PDF)
JAN 21 The Light Truthpaper - Issue 5
JAN 21 UK Column January Summary
28 JAN 21 The PsychologicalAttack on the UK Park 2 (PDF)
22 JAN 20 Welbys Church of England 2021 Trillions for Gaia Greed but Peanuts for the Parish Paupers (PDF)
19 JAN 21 ORDO AB CHAO Narcissists in Power and the Psycdhological Attack on UK (PDF)
18 JAN 21 German quarantine breakers to be held in refugee camps
11 JAN 21 Northern Exposure (PDF)
11 JAN 21 One World Governance Series (PDF)
10 JAN 21 Lockdown a Poice Constables Perspective (PDF)
09 JAN 21 The Psychological Attack on the UK Start of a Series (PDF)
06 JAN 21 Breaking the Covid Trance: How the Irish People were Psychologically Manipulated
05 JAN 20 Who are you calling a monkey (PDF)
03 JAN 20 Psychological Attack on the UK (PDF)
December 2020
DEC 20 The Light Truthpaper - Issue 4
DEC 20 UK Column December Summary
23 DEC 20 Ummunity Passports The Desperation of Fact Checkers (PDF)
22 DEC 20 A Variant of a Christmas Carol (PDF)
08 DEC 20 A Dissidents Guide to the Consitution - Episode 4 - Democracy - The Books (PDF & Podcast)
NOV 20 The Light Truthpaper - Issue 3
NOV 20 UK Column November Summary
24 NOV 20 Not Led By Science (PDF)
20 NOV 20 Portugues Court Rules OCR Tests Unreliable and Quarantines Unlawful - Important legal decision faces total media blackout in Western world. (PDF)
18 NOV 20 Danish mask wearing study "... revealed little difference in Covid-19 infection rates between masked and unmasked participants" and "“The study does not confirm the expected halving of the risk of infection for people wearing face masks,” ... The findings are consistent with previous research" Also consistent with Penrose MP statement that there is only weak evidence that masks are effective.
16 NOV 20 On November 6, 2020, ICAN filed a Citizen Petition and a Petition for a Stay of Action demanding that the FDA require valid endpoints for determining efficacy in the COVID-19 vaccine trials currently being run by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. (Website)
10 NOV 20 Fear Not (PDF) "How did the law, which was to protect us from tyranny, become an instrument of tyranny? ... How did we get in this awful mess? The original law, God’s law, was thundered from a mountaintop in the wilderness."
04 NOV 20 Is the Satanist Mecca Boleskine House being revived under a deliberately false name (PDF)
OCT 20 The Light Truthpaper - Issue 2
OCT 20 UK Column October Summary

25 OCT 20

Wastewater Wastes the Official COVID-19 Narrative (PDF)

11 OCT 20

A Surrendered Crown and a Commonwealth Betrayed (PDF)

11 OCT 20

COVID-19 The Data Exposing the Decption (PDF)
05 OCT 20 COVID-19 — Everything And Nothing (PDF)
SEP 20 The Light Truthpaper - Issue 1
SEP 20 UK Column September Summary
25 SEP 20 Oklahoma doctors claim masks are harmful to healthy people and file lawsuit against mandates (video)
24 SEP 20 Face Coverings Update (Blog)
23 SEP 20 Matt Hancock has denied that there was a conflict of interest in the UK's chief scientific advisor holding shares in a drug company contracted to develop a coronavirus vaccine for the Government. Sir Patrick Vallance, who leads the Government's expert advisory panel on vaccines, reportedly holds shares worth £600,000 in pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (article1 & article2)
21 SEP 20 No matter what eh CDC says, here's why many scientist think the coronavirus is airborne
15 SEP 20 What is a COVID-19 Marshall (PDF)
15 SEP 20 COVID19 Change in Infection Designation Update (blog)
14 SEP 20 Face masks pose serious risks to the healthy
13 SEP 20 Distributing vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and flu (blog)
13 SEP 20 Never endanger our liberties or democratic processes
13 SEP 20 Govt Marshals and Related Public Health Officer Guidance (blog)
AUG 20 Office for Product Safety & Standards Guidance for manufacturers and makers of face coverings to comply with the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 Version 4
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AUG 20 UK Column August Summary
31 AUG 20 Is COVID-19 airborne?
26 AUG 20 Face coverings in education
25 AUG 20 2010: Rockefeller’s ‘Operation Lockstep’ Predicted 2020 ‘Lockdown’ (PDF) Rockefeller Foundation May 2010 - Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development
24 AUG 20 Sweden's health experts have claimed they are beating coronavirus because of immunity after refusing to go into lockdown (also)
17 AUG 20 John Penrose MP response to COVID-19 mask related questions (August)
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JULY 2020
JUL 20 UK Column July Summary
30 JUL 20

The Cyber Attack on Truth - 1min Youtube and Twitter take down; Highwire; 37min Jaxen; 53min Frontline Doctors Speak; 1:05hr Censorship; 1:20hr Zelenko HCQ Protocol; 1:46hr and 1:55hr COVID19 Vax Trials

28 JUL 20 Rockefeller Reset theTable - Meeting the moment to transform the US food system (PDF)
17 JUL 20 Disadvantages of healthy people using masks
16 JUL 20 John Penrose MP response to COVID-19 mask related questions (July)
16 JUL 20 Local Community affected by Track and Trace
14 JUL 20 Government Exemptions for using Face Masks on Public Transport
14 JUL 20 Mask Wearing Notice of Conditional Acceptance
12 JUL 20 Exposure to common cold could provide immunity to COVID-19. T-cells not antibodies may be the key to fighting off the virus, study show - Telegraph
09 JUL 20 Hand Sanitisers Can Kill You (Transcript) Coleman - (12mins)
JULY 2020 Evidence not Fear - Video and Evidence, Fearless, Stakes, COVID19, Have Your Say
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JUNE 2020
JUNE 20 UK Column June Summary

The Highwire (USA) 16min Hand Sanitzers, 30min CV; Vaccination, 47min Black Activist; re: vax, 70mins Masks; 90mins Rancourt Masks Don't Work

JUN 2020 UK Column - June Summary
26 JUN 20 Face coverings in the community and COVID-19: a rapid review (additional supplementary and scoping info)
25 JUN 20 Richard Littlejohn - We're all going to hell on a Segway – One Step Beyond (PDF)
25 JUN 20 Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer sacks Rebecca Long-Bailey over 'antisemitic conspiracy theory' article (PDF)
25 JUN 20 Major incident declared in Bournemouth as thousands of people flock to beaches (PDF) See WSM beach litter (03JUN20)
22 JUN 20 Should Bristol 24/7 have published police-issued photos of colston protesters? (PDF) (07JUN) See also Guido Fawkes (PDF & 16JUN)
22 JUN 20 Hunt for the statue wreckers: Police issue CCTV images of 15 people they want to speak to about the day slaver and philantropist Edward Colston's statue was toppled and thrown into the dock in Bristol as officers CHOSE not to intervene (PDF) (ITV & PDF) See Gazette Avon and Somerset Police defend their handling of Bristol protest (PDF)
22 JUN 20 Images released as part of Colston statue investigation (Avon & Somerset Police PDF)
22 JUN 20 Test Track and Trace Isolates 88K by Second Week of Operation
21 JUN 20 A Look at the 2020 Grades Proposed by Schools
21 JUN 20 The Hydroxychloroquine Scandal 
20 JUN 20 Revealed: The British arm of Black Lives Matter's full agenda - abolish the police, smash capitalism... and close all prisons (PDF)
20 JUN 20 Reading stabbings: What we know so far (PDF)
19 JUN 20 'Increasing evidence' shows animals can catch coronavirus from humans and could pass it on, say scientists (PDF) (NB1 & NB2, NB3 & NB4)col
18 JUN 20 Lessons from the Lockdown - Why are so many fewer children dying? Especially children and infants pages 12-14 (Health Choice PDF)
18 JUNE 20 Vladimir Putin - The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of World Warr II
15 JUN 20 USA CDC COVID-19 and Animals (PDF)
13 JUN 20 Paul Weston: The Horrific Reality of Black Lives Matter (11mins)
12 JUN 20 Monumental Errors (PDF)
12 JUN 20 Test Track and Trace Isolates 27K in its First Week of Operation
12 JUN 20 NHS Waiting List Could Hit 20 Million This Year
11 JUN 20 Identifying airborne transmission as the dominant route for the spread of COVID-19 (PDF)
09 JUN 20 Perspectives on the Pandemic - The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse - Episode Nine (72mins). Link to Also, Tucker Carlson interviews Erin Marie Olszewski (5mins)
08 JUN 20 Black Lives Matter is now a political party - Carlson (24mins)
07 JUN 20 Edward Colston statue: Protesters tear down slave trader monument (PDF), video, retrieval and myths
06 JUN 20 An Australian "...wanted to know why ...[BLM protestors] didn't come out when Justine Damond shot dead by another officer in Minnesota" (20mins)
04 JUN 20 How the Hell Did We Get Here? (Transcript) - Coleman (18mins)
04 JUN 20 Liberal activists now want to defund the police - Carlson (10mins)
04 JUN 20 The Simpsons predicting you cant escape that Vaccine (2mins)
03 JUN 20 Check your mobile phone for a Track and Trace API
02 JUN 20 John Penrose - Tory MP husband of Test and Trace chief Dido Harding linked to anti-NHS group  
02 JUN 20 Is it back to school tiome?
JUN 20 Facts about Covid-19 (PDF) Swiss Policy Research
JUNE 2020 All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response
JUNE 2020 DELVE Report on Face Masks for the General Public
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MAY  2020
MAY 2020

UK Column - May Summary

31 MAY 20

You Won't Believe What They Admitted on the News in 1971...(Re: USA vaccinations)

29 MAY 20

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Dictatorship Plan – Cites Gates’ Twisted ‘Messiah Complex’ From Robert F Kennedy Jr. IG account. (See 1971 TV clip)

29 MAY 20

COVID-19 may not be a HCID but it is a real emergency - so why extreme measures if not a HCID?

27 MAY 20

UNCOVER Does the use of face masks in the general population make a difference to spread of infection?

22 MAY 20

BMJ Public Inquiry into UKs response to COVID19

19 MAY 20

The CDC Guidance on Reopening Schools - "Teach and reinforce use of cloth face coverings", Explained (4mins). One parent's concerned response (4mins) Zoom Discussion & Transcript. See UK approach

18 MAY 20

Bill Gates Accused of Crimes Against Humanity in Italy Parliament (7mins)

14 MAY 20

12 Autopsy Cases Reveal TRUTH About How Patients Die From Coronavirus (14mins)(Overview)  Autopsy Findings and Venous Thromboembolism in Patients With COVID-19 (Initial Study - PDF)

13 MAY 20

Plandemic 101 Dr. Judy Mikovits (26mins)

13 MAY 20

Why Did You Tube Ban My Video (10mins) Dr Coleman (Transcript

BANNED later RESTORED - Coleman 

11 MAY 20

Social Distancing Doesn't Work (4mins) Dr Coleman (Transcript)

BANNED later RESTORED - Coleman 

11 MAY 20

Coronavirus not an epidemic in UK, say Oxford University experts

10 MAY 20

R value: What does number mean for coronavirus infections and easing lockdown?

08 MAY 20

A Waking Nightmare for COVID-19 Patients (10mins)

07 MAY 20

Renowned Forensic Doctor destroys media 'Killer Virus' lies: Nobody has died of COVID-19 in Hamburg without previous illnesses (5mins)

03 MAY 20

COVID19 is a Statistical Nonsense (PDF)

03 MAY 20

Historical Reflections on Social Distancing (PDF) Does hugging provide stress-buffering social support (PDF) The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it (PDF) Social Ties and Susceptibility to the Common Cold (PDF)

MAY 2020

Global high consequence infectious disease events Monthly update January to March 2020. Reconfirmed by UK Govt on 17 June 2020.

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APRIL 2020
APR  2020

UK Column - April Summary

30 APR 20

The ‘R’ rate is the new coronavirus buzzword: Here’s what it means and why it matters

Coronavirus infection 'R' rate in UK creeps up, and What Is R0? Gauging Contagious Infections 

23 APR 20

Exercise Cygnus (PDF)

20 APR 20

Potential impact of face covering on the transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 in the UK

20 APR 20

SPI-B return to SAGE on the use of facemasks in a community setting

17 APR 20

The (un)official Coronavirus Guidelines

15 APR 20

How Coronavirus Kills Some People But Not Others - I'm a Lung Doctor (23mins)(Overview)

15 APR 20

Coronavirus - Why you are Now in Great Danger (11mins) Dr Coleman (Transcript) BANNED later RESTORED - Dr Vernon Coleman

04 APR 20

Did Bill Gates Just Reveal the Reason Behind the Lock-Downs?

03 APR 20

Snowden warns - The Destruction of Rights is Fatal

01 APR 20

Hand Sanitizers vs Soap and Water, The Science of Soap

APR 2020

Masks Don't Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy - Rancourt

MARCH 2020

MAR 2020 UK Column - March Summary
31 MAR 20 A letter from lockdown — Thoughts on Covid–19 (PDF)
26 MAR 20 SAGE - COVID-19: Behavioural and social interventions & participants
25 MAR 20 How we must respond to the coronavirus pandemic - Bill Gates Ted Talk (52mins)
23 MAR 20 Addendum to eighteenth SAGE meeting on Covid-19, 23rd March 2020 (PDF & Overview) See increased fear messaging 22MAR20 below.
22 MAR 20 SAGE (Spi-B)" Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures" (PDF & Overview) Para 2. "The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased...using hard-hitting emotional messaging" Increased fear, see SAGE meeting minutes 23MAR20 above.
09 MAR 20 Should you take Vitamin C and Vitamin D for Coronavirus? (13mins)(Overview)
08 MAR 20 Coronavirus: Civil Liberties Once Given Away, Won’t Come Back (PDF)
04 MAR 20 SPi-B Insights on combined behavioural and social interventsion - 26FEB20, 09MAR20, 16MAR20
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06 FEB 20 COVID-19: Is Your Pet at Risk From the Coronavirus? (PDF)
13 FEB 20 Medicines and Medical Devices Bill 2019-21 – House of Commons Library
03 FEB 20 Thousands of Pets in Wuhan Coronavirus Lockdown Face Death From Starvation
30 JAN 20 UK flu levels according to PHE statistics: 2019 to 2020
APR 2019 Censored (PDF)
12 MAR 19 Report: Who Owns the UK Media? (PDF)
19 FEB 19 The 'vaccinegate' of Italy
29 SEP 19 Hancock: compulsory vaccinations being seriously considered - Matt Hancock who put the UK into lockdown without Parliamentary consent
2016 Microsoft, GAVI, Accenture - ID2020 Project
03 AUG 20 Modernising the United Kingdom Unleashing the power of the Union – ideas for new leadership (PDF - Overview) "At its heart, this should establish a more engaged partnership between the UK Government and the communities of the United Kingdom" - how fit with Parliament and democracy?
28 MAY 19 GcMAF and the Persecution of David Noakes Lyn Thyer and Immuno Biotech (PDF)
NOV 2018 SPI-M Modelling Summary Prepared by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling
07 JAN 17 We're All in this Together (PDF)
05 JUN 16 The Resilient Cities Progam - Another threat to Individual Liberties (PDF)
26 APR 16 The Global Parliament of Mayors and the Abolition of the Electorate (PDF)
01 JUL 14 BBC Media Action Subversion from Braodcasting House to Kazakhstan (PDF)
18 NOV 13 Common Purpose in your Locality (PDF)
24 MAY 13 The NHS Common Purpose_ Towards A Million Change Agents (PDF)
2013 The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament - members
NOV 2012 NSHS Change Model - How to build unstoppable change- Helen Bevan
02 DEC 11 The Problem with Postive Money (PDF)
MAY 2010 Rockefeller Foundation May 2010- Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. Also, related Harry Vox Interview 2014 - ".. the interview in this video was recorded in 2014 as an Ebola outbreak ravaged west Africa, Vox's observations are if anything even more applicable to 2020's coronavirus outbreak" Alternative sites found here.
Article EU Miltary Unification (PDF)
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