Bleadon Councillor Nominations Deadline 04 April 2023

Posted on 21st March, 2023

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All nine parish councillor positions in Bleadon are up for grabs in the May elections.


UPDATES BELOW - Bleadon's Five Uncontested Parish Councillors


Would you like to represent residents in the parish of Bleadon? Then why not stand for election to become a councillor during the May 2023 elections.


If you qualify, you will  need to complete the relevant nomination papers. The Nomination Pack for Bleadon contains the papers you need and must be submitted between 10am and 4pm on any week day between Tuesday 21 March 2023 and Tuesday 4 April 2023.(PDF - NSC Annotated Example) – NB: some papers must be delivered by hand to:

The Returning Officer

North Somerset Council, Town Hall,

Walliscote Grove Road,

Weston-super-Mare BS23 1UJ 

Local Elections Timetable:


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Contested vs Uncontested Elections


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The last (by)-election was in 2013, with all councillors co-opted since then NB: BPC annually budget for the cost of any potential election, as seen in its 2022 Ear Marked Reserves (The 2023 EMR has not been published):



Spring 2013


Mercury Extract


April 2013


Thoughts of an ex-councillor 2023


Other info:

  • Deadlines
    • Register to Vote - The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Monday 17 April 2023.
    • Postal Votes - The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Tuesday 18 April 2023
    • Proxy Vote - The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm on Tuesday 25 April 2023.


  • Timetable of events here
  • Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Uncontested Election Results
    • Should the election in which you are standing be contested (i.e., enough valid nominations have been received for there to be a poll), the Statement of Persons Nominated will be published on the NSC website here on Wednesday 05 April.
    • Should the election be uncontested (i.e. NSC received fewer nominations than there were vacancies) then NSC will publish the Notice of Uncontested Election Results on the same webpage and date as above.
    • UPDATE 06APR23 Uncontested Parish Councillors - Bleadon Councillors
  • Election expenses
    • Candidates and their agents at local elections must follow certain rules about how much they can spend, who they can accept donations from, and what they must report after the election.
    • The information you will require from NSC in order to complete your return is as follows:


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