Green Infrastructure Consultation

Posted on 8th April, 2021



Green Infrastructure

15 Feb 2109 Apr 21"The green infrastructure strategy will impact all aspects of life in North Somerset ..."


The Overview (PDF), Executive Summary (PDF) and Strategy (PDF) and Questionnaire (PDF) can be found online. North Somerset Council states:

"The green infrastructure strategy will impact all aspects of life in North Somerset ... and will cover the period 2021-2031" ... so why wasn't this consultation on any Bleadon Parish Council agenda to publicly discuss how it will affect our rural community?


The strategy makes reference to agriculture, soil, crops, food production and food security.


"In September 2020, the Prime Minister signed the Leaders Pledge for Nature, committing to protect 30% of the UK’s land by 2030, to protect nature and boost biodiversity", how much is already protected in North Somerset and the UK?

Some Maps, 59 Projects and some GI Datasets from the proposed strategy.

"Green infrastructure is a technical term that [NSC] use as shorthand to describe how [NSC] look after ... parks, beaches, green spaces, wildlife, countryside, public rights of way and waterways .."
NSC "... want to understand whether the ambition of the strategy, its content, aims and objectives are right and, if not, what we might be missing," via its very short Questionnaire (PDF)

How does this strategy fit with NSC's unconfirmed ‘Rural Lanes Active Travel Enhancement Scheme', road closures and its Active Travel Strategy?

The strategy "... also draws support from the West of England Joint Green Infrastructure Strategy (JGIS) (2020-2030) [and Action Plan (2020-23)] and feeds into the North Somerset Local plan (2023-2038) (blog). 


Also, NSC state that, "The NPPF requires local authorities to set out a strategic approach to green infrastructure in their Local Plans."


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