Local Objections to Airport Expansion

Posted on 24th November, 2019


UPDATE See the current number of flights over your area, e.g. 17 Apr 20 during COVID-19 restrictions.


Bristol Airport Ltd has submitted additional information for its latest expansion application. North Somerset Council has sent a letter to parish councils asking for their comments, with a deadline of 01 December 2019. Members of the public can also submit comments at 18/P/5118/OUT (UPDATE 11 Nov 19 (Min 328.12) BPC resolved not to make an additional comment but to rely on their previous May 19 submission)


The Parish Council Airport Association (PCAA), that represents 20+ local parish councils, has also been asking residents to send comments to North Somerset to protect against increased day and night-time noise, traffic, pollution and health issues. NB the current expansion application indicates "operating within a rolling annualised cap of 4,000 night flights between the hours of 23:30 and 06:00 with no seasonal restrictions" with "flights every 3 minutes", potentially over Bleadon.


(Approx 4 minute video)


Last week Bleadon Parish Council tabled an agenda item to "To approve a comment" for "Bristol Airport - Developments to increase the operational capacity of the airport". BOB is uncertain as to what was discussed and/or agreed as the minutes will probably not be published until after the comment deadline (Nov 19 Min 328.12), or whether BPC has commented beyond their last submission.


According to this week's Weston Mercury:

Bristol Airport (majority owned by Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, Canada)"... submitted proposals last December to boost passenger numbers to 12 million a year by the mid-2020s" [up from 8 million passengers in 2017! (page 30)] ... When they declared a 'climate emergency', Bath and North East Somerset Council members ... voted to oppose the airport's expansion ... They also said there was a lack of evidence about the economic benefit ... the Parish Council Airport Association ... [also oppose, and fear] decision-makers at North Somerset Council were at risk of being 'hoodwinked' over the economic benefits". Campaign for Rural England (CPRE) Avonside and Avon Wildlife Trust (AWT) also object.

In a related Weston Mercury article:

"Weston Town Council agreed to object to the airport's proposal ... Councillors ... are against plans to expand Bristol Airport due to environmental concerns, traffic and parking issues and pollution ... Councillor Peter McAleer said supporters claim we will be 'shooting ourselves in the foot' if we oppose the expansion, but he added 'it's better than shooting ourselves in the head'"

"The application will be considered by North Somerset Council's planning and regulatory committee meeting in the new year. An exact date has not been set but scheduled are meetings on January 22, February 19 and March 18."


Any NSC decision will need to fit with its Climate Emergency Strategy and Strategic Action Plan, which currently appear to missing any direct air travel or M5 motorway references? (See July 2019 UpdateCOU57 and Feb 2019 COU101 minutes.) 





Previous Airport Application information here


Tankering - Bristol Airport (majority owned by Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, Canada), Submission to North Somerset District Council by the PCAA. 


The Parish Council Airport Association Aims & Objectives.


Also, BOB's Environmental Information page


In May 19 Bleadon Parish Council changed its decision on the Bristol Airport Expansion from no response, to NEUTRAL to OBJECT (May 19 Min 322.17

"18/P/5118/OUT. Bristol Airport. Revised expansion plans to support an increase to 12 million passengers per year by the mid-2020s (currently 8 million). The council accepted the view that the Airport provides employment for many people in the area and provides local access to air transport. However, this is outweighed by concerns of climate change and pollution both local to Bleadon and globally. AGREED TO OBJECT." 

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