70 Dwellings at Devils Bridge Update

Posted on 23rd July, 2017

Devils Bridge 70 Dwellings Aerial Image




UPDATE 22 JULY 19 Decision Notice Grants Outline Planning Permission for up to 60 dwellings.


UPDATE JUNE 2019: Road closure extended until 1 July 2019.


UPDATE APR 2019: " ... due to safety critical circumstances we have to extend the duration of the road closure on the bridge until the 9th of June"


UPDATE 22 FEB 19 Plans to build 60 houses on Weston-super-Mare's outskirts approved


UPDATE 06 FEB 19 Request for Devils Bridge Meeting Assistance


UPDATE DEC 2018: Road Closure at Bleadon Hill/A370 junction 23 DEC 2018, and 7 JAN for 33 days (until 09 FEB 2019)



The deadline for this application was extended to 25 July 2017, you can submit an online comment to NSC via the BOB link here.


Following their meeting on Monday 10 July 17 Bleadon Parish Council submitted a comment to NSC as follows:

  • "Bleadon Parish Council objects to the planning application based on the same grounds as W-S-M Town Council."

For reference Weston Town Council submitted as follows:

  • "Raised concerns due to overdevelopment and highway access to main busy road.  Not in favour unless these issues can be resolved."

So little comment from our public representatives for such a major planning development. We know several residents will be disappointed in this response as they were hoping BPC would respond to these large developments and address the potential traffic and pollution issues that they will create for Bleadon.


North Somerset make the decision on this development application. If you want your individual voice heard you need to comment directly to NSC.


See 70 Dwellings at Devil's Bridge Bleadon Hill for more information on this greenfield site near our Parish Boundary





16 Houses Planned on Land Off Purn Way on greenfield site outside Settlement Boundary

90 Static & Touring Caravans at Purn/Riverside Village on greenfiled site outside Settlement Boundary

Stables to dwelling on Celtic Way on greenfield site outside Settlement Boundary,

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