February Parish Council Minutes

Posted on 10th March, 2016

What can we say.....


In brief, as indicated in the February PC minutes and stated by Cllr. Findlay "it was unreasonable to ask the parish council to email to let anyone know when they (the minutes) were available" we have had to keep checking for minutes and agenda, and now they have been found. We have posted them here for your convenience and posterity as they have had a habit in the past of disappearing from PC website, despite their "total control"(see february minutes for explanation).


Like Cllr. Gutsell, BOB will also be interested to know "the amount of time spent by the PC Clerk in responding to BOB requests" (for public information) as so far we have received very little! Although we have instead received plenty of adverse public meeting comments from certain councillors.


The minutes also note a change to a .co.uk website domain name. Regardless of their domain name choice we believe that they should focus on the quality of their data and its maintenance. For instance, there is still no January 2016 Agenda posted on their `new`website. Good job we requested the agenda independently and posted it on BOB as it contains the only finance and correspondence information for January. 



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