Planning Development Issues

Posted on 1st March, 2015

Please see links below for why Bleadon & North Somerset generally seems currently to be 'targetted' by developers and what our MP's are trying to do about it.


Liam Fox addressed Parliament, 15th December 2014, on what is now a planning policy mess in North Somerset and you might be interested in what he said. See here for details:


The Hansard transcript for this address can be seen here.


It might be helpful if you could contact Dr Fox and raise your personal concerns.


Full list of identified sites (which could be developed can be found from the attached MD/11:


And on here are links to latest North Somerset consultations including the 'new' Sites & Development Policies for Core Strategy.


Consequently, I hope 'our' Bleadon Resident views from 2005 ParishPlan will have also been submitted to be included in this Localism process by BPC and that it was not just a means toward a 'Quality Council' end. As far as I'm aware the BPC Action Plan does not seem to have been updated, and republished, since BPC were last re-accredited in 2009.

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