Marshalls Quarry Re-Development & Consultation Meetings

Posted on 8th September, 2013

UPDTE 08 AUG 2016 - North Somerset Decision Notice - 42 houses


(NB Compare to original Mercury article statement in Sept 2013 , "The council’s sites and policies document states that the area could be used for around 20 residential properties, but Marshalls believe this could be more. It is expected a planning application for the quarry could be submitted by the end of this year."


UPDATE 13 AUG 2014 - North Somerset Planning Report







Further to meeting of 6th August 2014. The Parish Council is holding a meeting on Monday 11th August at 8pm which they will apparently outline what went on and what was said at their site Inspection held on 7 August. More Agenda detail from or at


People are welcome to attend and air any further views they may have. That will be the last chance to do this before North Somerset determine the application on Wednesday 13 August at their meeting which starts at 4.00pm in the Town Hall.


This meeting is open to the public but only one person is allowed to address the Planning Committee in support of the application and one opposing it. North Somerset must be advised of who's doing this before the meeting - contact details on their website.


June/July 2014 - Outline Application Amended - see link below


Outline Planning Permission Application DEADLINE 8th May 2014)


An application has now been submitted click here to see it on North Somerset website (14/P/0687/O) if you previously made comments to the presentation evening and are still concerned then you should make your views known again as part of the formal application process. This is a major new development for Bleadon and will affect it's future in many ways so please take the time to read the documents provided and comment accordingly.




UPDATE 2nd December 2013


Quarry Final PresentationI have now obtained a copy of Marshalls Quarry Final Presentation (PDF) boards displayed at the Youth Club on 27th November 2013. So please click on the links to see them and/or download and make comment if you wish. If you have any problems viewing them please let me know. 


As stated in conclusion on Board 6 "Marshalls’intention now is to submit an Outline Planning Application to North Somerset Council within the next three months. Comments received prior to submission will be recorded and shared with your Parish Council and North Somerset Council. As we have endeavoured to do throughout this process, we will incorporate your suggestions wherever possible within a viable solution. We trust that you will see that our revised proposals have been informed by your comments and changes have been made wherever possible".


So, please remember to record your comments via the dedicated email address created to accommodate the engagement process


Marshalls have stated the end date for responses to be considered will be 3rd January 2014


UPDATE 19th November 2013


As stated in Bleadon Village News, another meeting is scheduled for 27th November 2013 (2 sessions 10.30am-1pm & 5pm-7pm) at the same Bleadon Youth Club location. Please make every effort to attend and see the comments made following Septembers meetings and Marshalls subsequent final proposal for planning permission.



UPDATE 5th November 2013


Comparison of Bleadon Housing Densities

Parish Clerk has provided a copy of report analysing a survey commissioned by Marshalls in early 2012 on "Assessing the Housing Needs in Bleadon". here is a survey copy


For comparison purposes, you may be interested to look at the results of the 2005 Parish Plan Questionnaire that has a section on Housing.


Also here is an interesting illustrative map created and kindly shared as part of a submission to the Quarry consultation process that shows the relative housing densities of areas within Bleadon compared to the Quarry proposals.



UPDATE 16th October 2013

Marshalls Quarry PresentationFollowing the meetings in September (see below line),


Marshalls have now supplied me their Quarry Presentation (PDF) and Feedback form (PDF) as displayed at the meetings. So please click on the links to see them and/or download and make comment if you wish.


If you have any problems viewing them please let me know. 


Marshalls Group Property Manager has also given me the following information:


"Please note that a dedicated email address has been created to accommodate the engagement process and I should be grateful if you would relay this to visitors to your site


We would obviously like to pass on our thanks to those who were able to attend and make comments and, at the same time, encourage those that didn’t/couldn’t to give some consideration to our proposals and tell us what they think so that we can try and address any issues and improve our Outline scheme in time for the second and final event which we have undertaken to host sometime in November.


Please note that it is our intention to host a one day event at the Youth Centre, albeit with shorter sessions - perhaps a two hour lunchtime slot and a two hour teatime slot each day. Further details will follow in due course."



Marshalls Quarry AreaAs you may have seen advertised in the Bleadon Village News (Summer 2013), there are presentation meetings arranged for consultation about proposals that will lead to a future planning application for re-development of the quarry.


Marshalls' presentation meetings are in Bleadon Youth Centre (Coronation Halls area) and there is a choice of day and session for you to attend, Wednesday 18th or Thursday 19th September (10am-2pm & 5pm-7.30pm on both days).


It is a very large site and could have huge implications for the character and size of the village, including a loss of employment. Marshalls will need community approval for their plans especially if they wish to exceed the provisional 25 houses and may look for a much larger development with the approval of the community in exchange for some community facilities. A properly thought out and designed mixed use development on this brownfield site could well be an asset to the village.


It is essential that as many people as possible attend, view the proposals and share their thoughts and opinions with Marshalls' representatives at the consultation, members of the Parish Council and in writing to Marshalls and the Parish Council.


Previous comments on the Quarry site that were submitted to North Somerset as part of their Sites & Policies (Development Plan) Consultation, can still be viewed via this previous blog and directly ( by searching for comments containing Marshalls Quarry Bleadon here) and these comments should also be submitted again to Marshalls and the Parish Council as part of this presentation/consultation process.


You may also be interested in this Marketing Review Document produced for Marshalls and posted with their comments on the North Somerset Sites & Policies consultation by their agents RR Planning Ltd and previous correspondence to North Somerset Planning on Core Strategy for the site.


Related Weston Mercury articles 22nd October 2011  and 15th September 2013



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It's probably worth commenting prior to Marshalls' application that the
"employment uses" should be B1 use classes, with B2/B8 not appropriate for
this location due to the proximity of neighbouring properties.

NB: planning uses are divided up into "use classes". The one usually
suitable for residential areas is B1, but because it's out on a bit of a
limb they might try to squeeze in B8, and it's worth ruling out B2 now. B2
is completely out (it's all the horrible noisy/smelly stuff - metal working,
tannerys, abattoirs etc - that is NEVER allowed in residential areas) , B8
is sometimes allowed with strict controls, but might involve more vehicle

· B1 Business - Offices (other than those that fall within A2), research and
development of products and processes, light industry appropriate in a
residential area.
· B2 General industrial - Use for industrial process other than one falling
within class B1 (excluding incineration purposes, chemical treatment or
landfill or hazardous waste).
· B8 Storage or distribution - This class includes open air storage.

The "employment use" is of particular interest to residents of Bridge Road
It is about time they had a break from commercial vehicles! However, it
could also adversly affect a wider area of the village. Also, North Somerset
Planning have asked them to move the employment use area to somehow connect
with the main entrance to the site. "It has to be visible from Bridge Road".