Celtic Way Bus Shelter Rebuilt

Posted on 29th January, 2021


After seven years of waiting, and some newer councillors arguing that it wasn't needed last December, the bus shelter is finally back in place at the top of Celtic Way. It's now ready to shelter weary, wind blown and wet walkers, cyclists and future bus users. Thank you to Cllr ID Clarke for her perseverance since July 2014.


In Spring 2014 the Parish Council Newsletter BVN98 wrote, that during

" ... the February storms ... Bus shelters were blown away, utility poles felled, roofs ripped off and drains overflowed (again). Compared to some parts of the country it looks like we got off very lightly. The old timber bus shelter at the top of Celtic Way was totally destroyed by the gale-force winds. It’s given us a good few years of service, having been moved over 12 years ago from its original location at the junction of Bridge / Bleadon Roads. The parish council has yet to decide whether to replace it " Storm damage pics by Ian Findlay RIP

Bleadon Parish Council received the insurance payment of £1,230.80 to rebuild the shelter in July 2014, over six and a half years ago. Since that time there have been five Chairmen, and many councillors, who, for various reasons, decided not to replace it until now, for the sum of £1.039.72. Perhaps the remaining £191.08 can be put towards maintaining or replacing the weather-worn bench inside the shelter?


The potted history of this saga is indicated here.

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