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Planning Application Updates - October 2017

Posted on 24th October, 2017

Update Image


There have been a number of North Somerset Council (NSC) updates on current applications:

  • Celtic Way Dwelling Blog - REFUSED [BPC submitted 'No Objection' to this application]. The NSC Delegated Report and Decision Notice are worth a read for future objections. Congratulations to all those who objected, as from reading the reports clearly the officers took note. 
  • Purn Caravan Park Expansion - GRANTED [BPC submitted 'No Objection' to this application]. Unfortunately Riverside Holiday Park was granted 40 units (was originally 90), although reading the NSC Decision Notice and Delegated Report it makes no sense, especially as the loss of the SNCI isn't even mentioned. However, improved/additional rural economy (extra business rates and employment) was, which makes Bleadon a little more sustainable, a little more urbanised and so a little less rural. 
  • Land Adj Rivermead, Purn Way - The official consultation deadline is still 24 Oct 17. If you want to make a comment the NSC Planning application website states for all applications "The 'Consultation expiry date' may be extended. Relevant comments received after this date are considered and taken into account so long as they are received in good time before the final decision is made.". (Following BPC's October (300.11) minuted request for an extension for councillors, BOB has also asked NSC for a public extension). 


  • School & 250 Houses No Planning Application has yet been submitted. The developer's agent is working towards a potential second phase public consultation.
  • The Bleadon Action Group has met twice and members have been busy speaking to people in the community. 


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