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New 4a Bus timetable from 4th September 2017

Posted on 31st July, 2017

New Bust timetable

The current Crossville Monday to Saturday service 4/4a will cease to operate from Sunday 3rd September 2017. Citistar will be taking over the operation of local bus services 4 and 4A in Weston-super-Mare from 4th September 2017. This is as a result of a temporary contract between them and North Somerset Council to provide the services until Easter 2018. The timetable of Monday to Friday services 4 and 4A will be approximately two hourly, rather than the hourly service currently operated on the route, so please check...


So it appears that from 4 September, ONLY 3 buses to/from Bleadon and WSM compared to the ten currently and not many in the afternoon at all!

This may have been the 'update' that our NSC councillor reported on 10 July at the BPC meeting.


UPDATE 21 August 2017 from the BPC August minutes (298.4.ii)


"The current bus service term of notice finishes on 3rd September. The emergency service is much reduced and running up until the end of March 2018. Citistar will be running the service from Monday 4th September. There is no Saturday service from this date. Only 3 buses a day from Bleadon to W-S-M, which stops at the hospital - 09:45; 11:45 and 13:45 (Purn Way Corner). The bus service from W-S-M to Purn Way is at 09:30; 11:30 and 13:30 Monday to Friday. North Somerset Council is looking at a better and longer term contract from 1st April 2018 for the 4 and 4A.


A parishioner highlighted that for working residents this service is not suitable.


The Chairman [Cllr Hartree] asked if North Somerset Council would be prepared to subsidise a local transport scheme initiated for example by the Parish Council. Cllr Porter highlighted, if North Somerset Council cannot get a viable outcome on the bus service from April, then could potentially work together to look at a community bus scheme to supplement the bus service provided. Cllr Porter highlighted that Blagdon and Wrington currently provide a Community Bus Service."


The Chairman requested that consideration to also be given to a ‘Car Call Scheme’ whereby certain Parishioners are willing to give others a lift in their car, provided insurance and such like is adhered too. Cllr Porter highlighted that there is a scheme available currently in W-S-M.


Cllr Chinn suggested areas such as Loxton and Christon may also be interested in the scheme"


More ways to travel to/from Bleadon here

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Comments (5)

I do not drive, so I rely on the buses to get in and out of town. The reduction in times makes this very difficult as they never seem to be there when I need them. I miss the more frequent service.
Don't know what happen to my comment below, I posted a link to the bus company Citistar facebook page to complain there, but something went wrong. I did not write false. Feel free to remove these comments.


Hi Susan
By default the blog disables comments with url's in body to reduce automatic spamming bots, but here I hope is the link https://www.facebook.com/citistar/
Very disgusted with the new Bus time table. So not only is it difficult to get doctors and dental appointments, there is no bus after 2pm to get you there or back. So for most people that's going to mean more short journeys by car or cab.
Stupid idea.what about the elderly residents who do not drive!
So a 2 hour service then, until if course all the new houses are built. Then the bus companies will be falling over themselves to provide the service.