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Roadworks Traffic Calming Request

Posted on 5th March, 2015

Sewer Works


BOB has received the following message from a Bridge Road resident concerned over traffic issues arising from the roadworks closure affecting Bleadon Road/Bridge Road that are not scheduled to end until the end of May.

"I was wondering if you would mind asking the residents of BLEADON to drive carefully along Bridge Road, at the moment the road is the main entrance into the village.
This doesn't mean people should drive at such speed ! if you mind reminding people the road has no pavements and for the first time I have been actually scared at the traffic whilst walking my dog !
I was wondering if we could have a sign asking drivers to be considerate to the fact we have no pavements !
The road has doubled in traffic this week and I really feel their will be an accident in the next three months if the drivers don't slow down"


Further information on this work can be gained via http://www.bleadon.org.uk/travel.html#Road or by contacting Wessex Water quoting reference PG301CW167/DJB/002/0


If you also have concerns please also email parishclerk@bleadonparishcouncil.gov.uk and North Somerset Council Street Works (or call 01934 888888)


Unfortunately for Bleadon Village and especially Bridge Road, this increased traffic may well be a sign of regular things to come if the Marshalls Quarry, Bleadon Hill & Wake Park Developments all proceed, so please ensure your views are registered with our local councillors so that appropriate measures can be taken!



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Comments (2)

I agree, people drive far too fast down bridge road. I walk my dog and push my son in his pushchair and some people still drive past us at a very fast speed. With no pavement and parked cars I'm dreading when my son is big enough to walk holding my hand. Some signs would be useful as a reminder to drivers.
I totally agree as a resident of Bridge Road drivers often go down Bridge Road at speeds that are too high. Drivers need to be mindful of the pedestrians goin out around parked cars.