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Festive Message and Report

Posted on 6th December, 2018

Neighbourhood Watch logo

Festive Message

This message is sent on behalf of Superintendent Mike Prior.


2018 has been a challenging year for many and we head towards the end of year with a certain amount of uncertainly for the Country as a whole. Neighbourhood Watch has continued to bring communities together and this is vital in sustaining and making our communities stronger.


I am not sure what the weather forecasters have in store for us this Winter, but if last February was anything to go by there will be times when we need to lean on or support our neighbours. We need that spirit all year round and not just in times of strife, again Neighbourhood Watch comes to the fore. My Christmas plans are still “a work in progress” which is modern parlance for I have not round to doing anything yet! I hope your plans are more advanced and that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful 2019.


To view an E-card sent on behalf of the Avon and Somerset Constabulary follow the following link:



Monthly report - November

CRIME REDUCTION - don't let a thief spoil your festive celebrations. Remember to keep property and possessions secure - whether that is at home, in the car or when you are out shopping. The office has a general leaflet relating to protecting your home and belongings (a link to a pdf version is below) and one with information about protecting your belongings at this time of year. Copies are available from Lindsey at the Watch Scheme Office via telephone on 01278-644799 or replying to this message.




Beat Surgery:

6 and 20 December at Winscombe Farmers Market from 10am-12noon

19 December at Banwell Country Craft Shop from 10am-11am


PACT/Have Your Say - Agenda item at parish council meetings:

6 December - Locking

10 December - Bleadon


Below figures relate to the Weston villages beat area (AN010)

48 reports of crime, including:

8 Assault

2 Assault on Police

1 dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)

1 non dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)

2 criminal damage - property

4 criminal damage - vehicles

3 theft from motor vehicles

1 theft of motor vehicle

0 theft of pedal cycle

0 theft from shops

remainder miscellaneous

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - 1 reports across the beat. Call related to drug dealing and a male was arrested as a result.

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