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Gun Noise Nuisance

Posted on 4th September, 2017

shotgun pic Residents on Bleadon Hill are at the end of their tether with the lack of action by Police, NSC and BPC over the use of guns on land at Accommodation/Bridgwater Road. If you also find the noise disturbing your peace then please contact NSC as indicated below:


A resident has told BOB that the police have been informed and that the PCSO for Bleadon, Alisha Mitchell, has been copied in on emails. However as the farm has a licensed gun the police have let North Somerset Council take over. The case officer at NSC Richard Allard (richard.allard@n-Somerset.gov.uk) was sending out diaries to those who complained to gather evidence. On 8th August this year it finally got escalated to planning enforcement. Sound equipment has been installed in some homes over the summer, although it appears that as soon as a property is installed with the equipment the shooting stops..... the day it's taken out it starts again.


Residents have now been advised to call the out of hours nuisance noise line 01934 622669 to log the noise. (The address of the noise is Land off of Accommodation Rd). The shooting rarely takes place during office hours making it difficult for officers from NSC to attend.


The resident has also informed BOB that the many people that they have seen whilst walking on Purn Hill are under the impression that it is a legal gun club,and residents have to put up with it, when in fact it is not, so more people need to complain to Richard Allard and ring the out of hours line if they want to get this closed down. The local residents have endured this for the last two years and NSC have been aware for the last 18 months.... but it is still going on.


Residents are asking for people to contact North Somerset directly if this issue is concerning them too.

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