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Want to know more about the benefits of

Montessori and/or Home Education?


Bleadon has a Fully Qualified Montessori Diploma Teacher (for children aged 7 & under) who would be glad to discuss the benefits for children of an alternative education approach to the mainstream, state or private schooling systems, particularly here in the North Somerset, South West Region of England. 


Not Convinced About Home Education?
Watch this Video (12minutes)


The animate video above was created in October 2010, and needs to also be put in the context of global agendas such as COVID19 and Agenda21/30. It was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benjamin Franklin award.


Don't Stay in School (3mins)


Please use our  Contact Page if you would like to discuss your interest further or try these websites.......


Home Education Information
Education OtherwiseE.g. WSM Home Education Group
Home Education Advisory ServiceE.g. Bristol Home Education Group
Home Education - Special Educational NeedsHome Education UK
Please note that different Local Authorities have different approaches to Home Education

North Somerset Council (NSC) -

NSC Policy (05SEP21 PDF) (Old PDF)

Bristol City Council Home Education

(05SEP21 PDF)

More Home-Ed Links


Montessori Education

The Value & Importance of Play Podcast

(for all ages, including teens & adults!) - 10mins

Montessori Education for the Early Childhood Years (10mins)

Maria Montessori, Her Life and Legacy (4mins)

Montessori Theory - One interpretation

Click image to enlarge


Montesssori Sensitive Periods - One interpretation

Click image to enlarge


Montessori Organisations/Training/Businesses links
Montessori Society AMI (UK)Montessori Centre International
Maria Montessori InstituteInternational Montessori Index


Montessori Equipment/Learning Material Suppliers & Other reading 
Absorbent MindsMontessori Articles
Montessori method from WikipediaMontessori Mom
My Montessori Journey 


This is all good stuff but what happened to Bleadon's School?

Unfortunately, Bleadon School was closed some time ago and perhaps a story for another day (or click here for bleadonchildren website) but Paul Arnold, a local parent and investigator, was very concerned about the choices available for children living in Bleadon and particularly, wanted to know what assurances had been granted to Bleadon parents by the Local Educational Authority when the decision was taken to close the local school?


Bleadon parents that wanted their children to attend Uphill Primary school were often turned down. He discovered documents that proved Bleadon children should be given first choice of places available at Uphill and those papers can be seen here (below). Of course many parents choose other local schools and are very happy with those choices but it's nice to know that Uphill should consider Bleadon Children first because our school was closed all those years ago. So if you want to thank Paul or maybe need something found or investigated click here


Right Click to open an image


As regards State Schools, you may already know that Bleadon is in North Somerset Local Education Authority but on the edge of Sedgemoor (Somerset County) boundary. As such children attend both LEA are schools, certainly the closest Secondary school is Broadoak (about 10-15 minutes drive) but some will travel further afield to other Weston-Super-Mare schools and also Churchill, Cheddar, Highbridge etc. and Independent schools in Bristol.


Here are some links, but I'm sure Google can also find more information for you.


North Somerset LEA Schools , North Somerset School Term Dates, Ofsted Inspection Reports, & Directory List


Other links to useful Home-Education individuals and organizations

most from the Teach Yourself book - Home Education by Deborah Durbin

artfulparent.com (Art/Craft)scibermonkey.org (Science)kidsnumbers.com (Maths)


Helpful Books


Deceptive Encounters by Karen J. Jones

Free-Range Education - How Home Education Works by Terri Dowty

How Children Fail by John Holt

How Children Learn at Home by Alan Thomas and Harriet Pattison

The UnSchooling Handbook by Mary Griffith