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You are welcome to leave comments in here about this site and what you liked (or didnt like) Please give us ideas of anything else that you would find useful and we will try to oblige. Of course you can also use our contact page if you would rather.

Hello there.

Anyone know Andrew Barnett? His father used to have the National Garage on the main road, He used to live in Pine Lea and his sister was called Angela?

Am trying to get any old photos of the Bleadon Scout Troop from the early 1980s.

Was anyone else in the Scouts in Bleadon. If so please get in touch.

Also if anyone was in the Church choir in the early 1980s would be great to hear from you, especially Luke who used to live next door to where the post office is now,

Would be great to hear from any of you.

Can contact me on chrisjho@gmx.co.uk

Many thanks

Hi Trish,
I read your artical on this page and am very excited to hear from you. My email address is sheilamunson@cox.net. I would love to hear more about you and who you might know.
Looking forward to it.

Subject: Message from USA

I have just seen a message on the site for Bleadon church from a lady called Sheila who married Tony Weare in the church in 1963.
I am from Bleadon originally, went to school there & knew the family, Tony, his brother David & sister Rosemary.
I know of Brian Weare's death & his grave in the churchyard.
I don't think they are still married as Tony lived by me a number of years ago.
I know the family moved to America & often wondered if David was still there, I have heard that Mrs Weare has been buried with Brian.

Yours faithfully,
Trish Byrne .

**If you would like to contact Trish please contact BOB and I will pass on your details to her.
Nice Website.... I hope can learn something more in this website. I especially like the Travel Center - lots of quickly available info on any cities I might visit on tour. I was pleased to read the article in this blog.
My husband Son Daughter and son-in-law came to stay in Mays cottage from 3rd to 10th of October 2015. We had a great time. The villagers were very friendly. Loved the location just a few mins from Western town centre and not far from Brean and Burnham.
Thinking of buying a house in Bleadon Hill.Your site very friendly and informative.
Great site Chris.happy new year from Florida
Found you from Bleadon WI Facebook and pleased I did, as I then found a link for a walk I want to do soon, but wasn't sure of part of the route. Very helpful, thanks! Good photos too.
Please see below correspondence from Sheila Munson, a recent visitor to Bleadon BOB from USA who has agreed that I can share her kind words and details with you on our Guest Book. If you would like to correspond with Sheila her email is sheilamunson@cox.net

Thank you so much for the new site, I love all the info.

I live in the USA but I am English and was married in Bleadon church 1963. I married Tony Weare, are there any folks still there that remember Marg and Reginald Weare? They lived at 8 TheVeale, their son Brian is buried in the church yard. I would love to hear from anyone and everyone about your every day life. I hope to hear from you soon

I am so happy to meet you, thank you for your reply and for all the info you sent me, I feel like I am on a new journey into a past life that I enjoyed so much, I only hope that you will always take the time and effort to keep this wonderful website up and updated, yes it is people like me that enjoy the fruits of your labor, you are allowing me to enjoy Bleadon and all the goings on from afar, with you, you are letting me into a world that otherwise would not be, thank you Chris, I am very grateful.

My greatest joy would be to get to know the local folks and to just enjoy everyday conversation, so if you know of lonely folks out there that I could chat to via email let them know that I have just retired and would love all on line friends from Bleadon.

Just a bit of info about me, I live in Hampton, Virginia and I attend St. Johns Episcopal Church, I will send a picture and maybe you can get on line and see her history, very much part of the first settlers from England, in fact this area is where it all began.

(BOB NOTE: copy & paste this wiki webpage link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._John%27s_Episcopal_Church_%28Hampton,_Virginia%29)

Again, thank you for your reply to my email, I'm sure a lot of people enjoy your web site but don't always time to respond or maybe they feel their comments not important so don't reply, I however, look forward to any and all emails from Bleadon and look forward to meeting new people, so please pass on my email address to all and I hope I will hear from some new friends.

I Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Take care and God Bless.

Great site! It makes me miss home!
I would love a print ofthe church that you have on your updated site, also are does any of your people that are on the market place have web sites for me to look at and purchase items?
Let me know where I can purchase a copy of the church please.
First guest comment - great web site!