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Remembrance Thanks

Posted on 6th December, 2018


BOB would like to thank everyone, of all ages, who took part in Remembrance this year, whether from home or at an organised activity. For example (but not limited to):

  • Pat White - for creating and erecting his memorial crosses display for the fourth year 
  • Young Jocelyn -  for creating a Remembrance page on BOB, creating access to audio, visual and textural information 
  • John Hickley - for extracts from his Illustrated History of Bleadon book
  • Residents - for sharing their memories of war time 
  • Grove Park Remembrance Ceremony - for bringing people and organisations together in a formal ceremony to remember the fallen 
  • Pages of the Sea - for bringing communities and families together informally at the sea front 
  • Church - For their service as part North's Somerset tribute 'Legacy of Light' (see below)
  • Captain Stuart - for his information on the 'There not There' project, which BPC added to the church service 
  • Thank you to those of you who took the time and effort to bring our communities together and to send information and suggestions to BOB


There is a lot of knowledge, experience and memories within the residents of Bleadon, which would be shame to lose. Guy Garvey, on a BBC Radio 4 programme explained an interesting project, "Once he got his dad talking, a wealth of new stories emerged which helped Guy form a deeper bond with his dad and painted a vivid picture of a child in wartime Manchester. When Don died in March 2018, Guy realised how precious these recordings were - not just to him but also to his siblings and future generations of his family. Now he’s on a mission to encourage others to record their parents before it's too late."   If you'd like to share any information on BOB, attributed or anonymously, please contact us.

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