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Bleadons Changing Rural Environment

Posted on 10th September, 2017


The rural environment of Bleadon, currently surrounded by green fields and walks, is potentially changing. 

  • A map showing the extent of some of the current developments in and around Bleadon.
  • Tourist Village (310 units) the size of Bleadon Village (325 dwellings) in the Accommodation Road area, with the current multi-million pound application for 90 units at Riverside Village, with 'no objection' from BPC.  
  • BPC are considering the creation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan - whilst ignoring the current holistic 2009-2029 Parish Plan BPC indicate that they want to create a new plan that covers where Bleadon wants development to happen in the future, it will not stop applications on other sites. Despite it potentially costing thousands of pounds to create this new plan it may still be ignored by BPC and NSC as indicated in the recent Parish Newsletter, stating 'even some new neighbourhood plans have been shown to be irrelevant or at best hold very little weight'. So what is the point? For CPRE info on Parish Plans and Neighbourhood Plans.
  • Bleadon's Public Rights of Way (PROW) and Sites of Nature & Conservation Interest (SNCI) are being affected with 'no objection' from BPC, yet BPC are currently considering asking residents to pay via the precept and volunteer to locally maintain them even though it is NSC's responsibility for these nationally established footpaths? See BVN99 Summer 2014 - Footpath Improvements, Who Pays?
  • Change to the 4A Bus Timetable - only 3 buses a day from 4 September 2017, with none on a Saturday. 
  • There is concern over use of guns and associated noise in the A370 Bleadon/Purn Hill area 
  • BOB has commented on BPCs September Agenda, generally relating to open and transparent access to information and decision making; and BPC duties, roles and responsibilities.

If you want to protect our rural community environment you will need to comment directly to North Somerset Council as each and every application/situation arises. Although the 'School & 250 Houses' application has not yet been submitted some recent ones are posted on BOB's Current Applications and Major Development pages


BPC continue to ignore the feedback submitted by residents that created the 2009-2029 Parish Plan (which we believe should be a Supplementary Planning Document to NSC Core Strategy). When will BPC declare their 'vision' as stated in their May 2017 minutes (295.2), including who they represent and how they make their decisions? Following our queries regarding their August 17 Agenda BPC implemented their vexatious policy, again, deciding to ignore BOB/residents for another 6 months for asking these and related questions and asking BPC to make this information open and accessible to residents.


So, if you want answers from BPC to the above, and/or you want your views known, it may be worthwhile attending the next BPC meeting on Monday 11 September 2017 at 7:30pm, although the School & 250 Houses are not on their published agenda.


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