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Major Developments Update plus

Posted on 25th July, 2017

There have been a number of updates on the current Major Developments in and around Bleadon and the Settlement Boundary, all can be found via http://www.bleadon.org.uk/currentapps.html


BPC has only objected to one of the three current applications located outside the Settlement Boundary (Village Fence):

  • 16 new dwellings on Purn Way (DEADLINE 25 JULY)

Conversely, BPC has no objection to two other current applications outside the Settlement Boundary:

  • Another 90 static and touring caravans at Purn Caravan/Riverside Holiday Park (DEADLINE 7 AUGUST)
  • Conversion of stable to a dwelling on Celtic Way on green field site: (DEADLINE 27 JULY)
BPC has also objected one application outside the Parish Boundary:
  • 70 new houses at Devil's Bridge with minimal comment (DEADLINE 25 JULY)

Ultimately North Somerset Council (NSC) make the decision on these development applications so if you want your individual voice to be heard you need to comment directly to NSC, details via the individual applications on http://www.bleadon.org.uk/currentapps.html

NB: The NSC website states "The 'Consultation expiry date' may be extended. Relevant comments received after this date are considered and taken into account so long as they are received in good time before the final decision is made."


Other news:

For other recent news and information in and around Bleadon see our news page at http://www.bleadon.org.uk/news.html


Major Developments in Area

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Comments (5)

What are the plans to look after the thriving local water vole population with all of the proposed developments in the village? There are water voles all along the rhyne from the quarry entrance right along to catherines inn. Also in the rhyne that runs behind the anchor inn up towards the proposed water park. It would be a real loss if this population was lost! It has certainly been here for more than 50 years.
Thank you.. We have both objected to the grand design house so NOT adjoining Edgehill and which has never been used in conjunction with the stable( which has only ever been used as a field shelter and has never been completed!)
Have alerted a few others. Should they have put up a site notice ?

Very interesting.The stable conversion is a bit breathtaking, but not surprising when you think about it.
Thanks for your reply and yes BOB is aware of a potential application. The school is possibly related to an old NSC local plan that designated the fields a strategic open space, someone (possibly BPC) suggested a school could be built, but as Sanders own the fields their price would be related development. Sanders have querying the fields SOS designation during the recent Planing Inspector SAP hearing, so very likely the recent survey on the fields was/is related. See this link and read their hearing statements. http://www.bleadon.org.uk/majordevelopments.html#CoreStrategy

Rumours abound in the village between 150-179 houses plus surgery. In fact any school could come at a price, potentially the loss of our rural identity as Bleadon may be reclassified a 'service' rather than 'infill' village that would bring WSM even closer. It is of course outside the 'Settlement Boundary' so should be refused but.....We will just have to wait and see if an application is in fact made.

Also you may recall regards the Sanders fields at Bridge/Bleadon Road, that in 2011 residents voted against a development. The results are in the Bleadon Village News #89 - in the News & Views section, as seen on BOB here http://www.bleadon.org.uk/media/other/24400/bleadonvnsummer2011.pdf

As you know, NSC Core Strategy and related Sites Allocation Plan is under review to identify where they will build 21,000 houses by 2026 and WSM area is taking most due to Green Belt protection between Bristol and Bath. The problem with increased services is that NSC may then change our rural status of infill development, that will then bring extra housing outside of the settlement boundary, so It is a difficult and fine balance.

FYI. BOB was on the Parish Plan (that should now be a Supplementary Planning Document) working groups in 2005, delivered some questionnaires and helped collate the replies. All the information we have now is on this link http://www.bleadon.org.uk/parishplan.html so please have a look. However we never saw the final adopted 20 year plan, only a copy of the 2008 draft and a leaflet of 103 Proposed Improvements which was sent to all residents. After 2009 the Parish Council seems to have lost the plan completely, and in April this year, four months after we asked for a copy, "The Clerk confirmed that the Parish Council cannot find a copy of the plan"?
Are you aware of the impending application for housing on the fields between Bridge Road and the Fiat garage- with NSC talking to the developer about having a primary school on the site?