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Remembering The Fallen

Posted on 3rd August, 2014

2014 memorial cross display on Celtic Way, Bleadon.



Receipt of £185 below from Help for Heroes with grateful thanks to all contributors from Patrick White



If so please email Pat




Memorial raises £175 to Help for HeroesNOW £185 COLLECTED


Bleadon Residents Remembered 100 years On
The Fallen


Bleadon resident Patrick White, assisted by local businesses, has made a poignant tribute to those from Bleadon who died in 'The Great War' (1914-1918).

Please visit and make a donation in person (box removed overnight for security) 

or online to 'Help for Heroes'



Help for Heroes



Do you know anything about the fallen Bleadon Soldiers below? Patrick White is trying to gather information on them,  so if you do please email him


Please click on names below for information from The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website


World War I


Pte. W. H. Banwell

Lt. J.J. Bellamy

Pte. F. A. Binding

Pte. A. Burchell

Pte. F. W. Burchell

Pte. F. Brooks

Pte. E. Cook

Pte. S. Fry

Pte. F.J. Hopkins

Pte. C. M. Hall

Pte. S. Hart

OS. W.H.Nipper

Pte. W. S. Newing

Sgt. W. J. Pink

Pte. E. H.Poole

Pte. H. J.Tutton

Sgt. V.C.Tutton

Pte. J. West

Pte. F. G.Williams

Sergeant Edgar Charles Goodman (Research by Stephen Davies, a fellow at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences) More information available on request.


World War II


Sergt H S G Cullen. RAF

R S Howell. RN

P.O. C Kemp RN

L W Ling. RM

Grdsm H E Luscombe

Sergt/Pilot P Vowles. RAF

Flight Lieutenant Leonard Robert Say DFC DFM Air Gunner 61 Squadron



Link to New Memorial Cross Display or Go to top of this page

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Comments (18)

Dear Ashli, Please use the site contact form and send us a message to clarify your comment request, thank you.
Excellent commentary . I was enlightened by the analysis ! Does anyone know where my business might be able to get ahold of a sample a form form to fill in ?
Thank you very much for all your hard work,v,c tutton was my great uncle,i discoverd his name on the menin gate earlier this year.He was indeed mentioned in despatches,he was also awarded the st georges medal 2nd class russia,a medal awarded. by the russian royal family for gallantry .I am try to trace more members of my family ,i was led to believe there is also a memorial in the parish church,if anybody could furnish me with more information on the Tuttons i would be very gratefull. Thank you
You might be interested in this:

193 Private Victor Clement Tutton
1/1st North Somerset Yeomanry (Territorial Force).

Victor Tutton was the second son of Clement and Sarah Ellis Tutton, and had been born at Loxton in Somerset in 1891. He lived with his parents at Cowslip Farm near Axbridge and as as well as farming also took part in the local hunt. He had enlisted in the North Somerset Yeomanry in 1909 at Weston-super-Mare and served with the Axbridge detachment of “B” Squadron. On the outbreak of the war, Tutton was embodied and embarked for France with the 1/1st North Somerset Yeomanry on 2 November 1914. He was Mentioned in Despatches for his actions on 17 November 1914, when “B” Squadron, together with the 3rd Dragoon Guards, defended their trenches on the Zillebeke-Klein Zillebeke Road against a determined German infantry assault. A report in The Western Daily Press of 22 May 1915 detailed the actions for which he was commended:

“In the height of the action, he, with eight others, volunteered to charge through the inferno of shot and shell and take up a position in a cottage, the possession of which by the enemy would have proved a valuable vantage point. Sergeant Tutton was the only one of the eight to reach the building alive, and, being joined by men of various regiments who had come to the trenches in other directions, held the cottage all day against infantry assaults and machine-gun fire.”

Later promoted to the rank of Sergeant, Victor Tutton was killed on 13 May 1915 during the fighting on the Frezenberg Ridge, with the 1/1st North Somerset Yeomanry positioned to the north of Railway Wood. His obituary in The Western Daily Press described him as: “a finely-built young man, of 24, and was as greatly beloved by his comrades for his modesty as for his bravery.” On 25 August 1915, the London Gazette published notification that Sergeant Tutton had been awarded the Russian St George Medal for Bravery, Second Class (No. 2968). He has no known grave and is commemorated on Panel 5 of the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. The register records that Sergeant Tutton’s parents later lived at “Kia-Ora”, in the village of Bleadon, near Weston-super-Mare. He is also remembered on the memorial at Bleadon, but is incorrectly listed as having received the Distinguished Conduct Medal.
Dear Sir

Thank you for doing this service for our village. Well done
A great idea pat , hope it will make people
Stop and think
Patrick, I am a reporter on the Weston Mercury and have been co-ordinating the World War One tribute pieces in the paper. I'd love to get a picture of you in front of this memorial, would you please give me a call? I'm on 01934 422500.
Names as requested

Pte. W. H. Banwell
Lt. J. Bellamy
Pte. F. A. Binding
Pte. A. Burchell
Pte. F. W. Burchell
Pte. F. Brooks
Pte. E. Cook
Pte. S. Fry
Pte. F. Hopkins
Pte. C. M. Hall
Pte. S. Hart
OS. W.H.Nipper
Pte. W. S. Newing
Sgt. W. J. Pink
Pte. E. H.Poole
Pte. H. J.Tutton
Sgt. V.C.Tutton. DCM
Pte. J. West
Pte. F. G.Williams

A wonderful tribute thank you Mr White
A lovely tribute :-) Could you list the names, I can't read them.
Very nice Pat. Make sure you get the photo to the village magazine.
Really nice thought by Patrick and I hope he does well for his "Help for Heroes" collection which is a very worthy cause
Thank you Pat for the thoughts and work that you have put into this a fitting tribute.
Well done Patrick, always thinking of others. This is very good!
With reference to Anon above I make the following observations
"What an eyesore" is a very subjective remark and I do not intend to make
any further comment.
As for "Campaigning for works peace" sorry world peace, had the writer taken
the trouble to research the poem, he or she would found that Major John McRae
penned a third verse in which he urged others to

"Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high,
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields."

I left this verse out because it seemed to glorify war and that was not my intention.
The Memorial garden is to commemorate the day that Britain declared war on Germany and for the men of this parish who needlessly gave their lives for what was basically a spat between European royalty.
I am quite happy for you to write to any organisation that campaigns for peace and ask them to supply you with collecting tin (which you may place alongside my “Help for Heroes box). Then we can then let the public decide where their support lies.
Dear Mr White

Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to those who gave their all.

'Every bullet has its billet
Some bullets more than one
For you kill a mother,
when you kill a mothers son' 'To dearly loved to be forgotten'
That should read world peace
What an eyesore. Campaigning for works peace would be a better idea.